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16th General Meeting took place on October 29th and 30th 2013 in Luxembourg

Last October, GPN held its last General Meeting. the host was Luxemoburg member and  its local operator Emile Weber. The two day conference covered a number of agenda items with considerable inputs from our members. After a presentation followed b voting closed session, Malta in the form of Zarb Coaches was welcomed to the fold. The board gave an update on all decisions made followed by a report from each of the GPN committees: Techonology and Sales. The microphone was passed around the room at least twice asking al individual members to describe the state of business in each of their respective territories followed by what they desire from GPN as an organisation.
The GPN website was discussed and some improvements were agreed. Throughout the conference much emphasis was placed on how to improve interaction and business between member countries as well as attracting new business. Members were encouraged to choose the relevant GPN member operator when looking to hire coaches in other countries.The results of a recent member survey were discussed. Changes to the bye-laws and membership conditions were discussed with various updates agreed.