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Coach Hire Worldwide


Hansabuss - Coach Hire and Bus Hire in Estonia
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Bus Hire in Estonia


Why Hansabuss?

Because this firm provides the service complying with the requirements of the world’s top clients at the price affordable almost for everybody. Perhaps it is the only bus firm in Estonia each time trying to exceed your expectations, but not your paying capacity. Hansabuss covers all sorts of travelling needs in five main fields: Tourist trips, Representation tours, Staff transportation, Special projects, Scheduled transportation Thanks to long-term experience, Hansabuss is for sure a suitable partner of clients planning a longer trip to the Northern countries, The Batic States, Russia or any European State.

And what is important: buses chosen by the Eurovision stars, the members of Swedish and Danish Royal Families, the President of Islan, Rolling Stones, Scorpions and many other celebrities during their visit to Estonia are also affordable for local firms! Hansabuss has at the moment such regular clients as private enterprises, public instutions, hotels, travel agencies and private individuals. Besides comfort, surprises and saving of expenses Hansabuss offers its clients even more: they notice, that even strangers can become a pleasant and amusing company – companions on wheels! Why not to let your personnel or colleaques to feel likewise? That’s why: whatever transportation necessity you have, ask Hansabuss about the offer – it can be a pleasant surprise!


Our corporate mission is to look for, find and provide the best transport solutions to the people, which enable them to satisfy the transport needs easily, with comfort and pleasantly, and which also surpass their expectation

Key figures of Hansabuss Group

Revenues of over EUR 12 mln annually

  • Total of ca 360 employees, incl. 330 full-time equivalents
  • Vehicle fleet of over 300 units, incl. 200 buses and 100 cars
  • 6,000 active corporate customers
  • 18 mln kms and 5.6 mln passengers travelled annually
City and County Lines:

Hansa Group is one of the largest bus transport service providers for public lines in Estonia, with an estimated market share of ca 17% of the liberalised bus market in Estonia

Regular Lines

Hansa Group operates several regular lines on short-distance destinations with high passenger demand. Hansabuss organizes regular coach transportation also for many renowned Estonian companies that operate away from the city centre. We operate regular coach trips when companies request it, to deliver employees to work and back home.

Long -distance Lines

Hansa Group provides domestic long-distance line service in Estonia on selected routes such as Tallinn-Viljandi, Viljandi-Tartu, and Viljandi-Pärnu.
As domestic long-distance market in Estonia is expected to open up in line with EU market practices and competition rules, Hansa Group aims to expand its market share significantly in this business segment.

City Tour double-decker Sightseeing Services

Our CityTour services provided according to the global travel & leisure industry best practices, Please click at the following link if you wish to learn more about the list of our city tour services in Estonia: www.citytour.ee

  • CityTour business line was launched in 2005 and the group currently operates CityTour services in Tallinn and Riga, the two major tourist destinations in the Baltic countries
  • Authentic London-style double deckers are operated for the service, and all corporate personnel involved has received extensive training for customer serving in line with UK standards
  • The product is targeted to foreign individual tourists but the buses are also widely rented for corporate events (for example, corporate birthdays, Christmas parties, festive national holidays etc.) and for visits by school and kindergarten children
  • CityTour audioguides are available in 10 different languages and the service network covers all major sightseeing spots in both Tallinn and Riga
Vehicles Rental Services

We prove car rental service with two brands, Hansarent and Europcar. Our car park of Hansarent consists of over 100 vehicles of different sizes and equipment levels enabling us to provide very flexible high-quality service all over the Baltics.
Please click at the following links if you wish to rent a car in Estonia or Baltics: www.hansarent.ee, www.europcar.ee

  • We provide excellent service quality at affordable prices to all customers
  • Service coverage network divided by specific regions in each country
  • Hansarent offers 24/7 customer support by phone in different languages
  • Great selection of vehicles from global car brands to meet expectations for safety and reliability
  • Diversified customer base of major corporates in the Baltics served on a daily basis
  • Fully trained and professional staff
  • Total vehicle fleet of ca 100 units available for customers
Memberships and Associations

Hansa Group is proud and active member of global and regional alliances active in the transport, tourism and leisure industries like Global Passenger Network, Estonian Association of Travel Agents (ETFL), Union of Motor Vehicle Enterprises.

Coach Amenities

Hansa Group provides bus charter services in four quality classes below in the Baltics, while geographically buses have travelled to the Nordics, Western-Europe, and CEE region. Hansabuss is the market leader in bus hire in Estonia, with an estimated market share of ca 20%. Customers for bus charter services include state and governmental organisations, corporates, foreign and domestic tourists, and private individuals.For any bus hire in Estonia Hansa Goup are the people to contact

Hansabuss offers transportation in four classes differentiating by price and level of comfort:

  • Business Class – On Hansabuss Business Class buses you’ll feel as is you’re behind the desk of a modern, high-tech office, throughout the journey; The best service for business travellers in the Baltics. Extensive number of services and conveniences provided.
  • First Class -The highest service level in the Baltic bus market, which does not only provide perfect service and comfort but also pleasant surprises that the clients do not expect.
  • Classic -The best mix of price and quality. More common, but reliable European quality – at the right time, at the right place. Secure, comfortable and carefree travel with good buses.
  • Basic – Satisfies the basic travelling needs, bringing you to the desired location at affordable price. Plain vanilla buses, favourable prices.

There are many different amenities which Hansabuss buses can offer – air conditioner, WiFi, 220 V, leather seats, bus attendant, refrigerator, minibar, hot water possibility, stereo equipment, DVD, monitors, toilet, adjustable seats, footrests, armrests, spacious luggage space, additional interior heating equipment and local lightning are only some of them.


(GPN) – The Global Passenger Network on assotsiatsioon kuhu on koondunud parimad bussiettevõtted 29 riigist üle maailma.

Kui vajate bussitransporti kodu- või välismaal, siis helistage meile telefonil +372 627 9080 ja pakume Teie soovidele parima lahenduse.

Hansabuss on GPN´i liige Eestis. Kasutades meie vahendatud transpordi teenust välismaal võite olla kindlad, et saate läbi meie organisatisooni sama kvaliteetse teenuse ning parima kvaliteedi sõidukite osas millega olete juba harjunud.

The Global Passenger Network seab kõrged standardid kõigile oma liikmetele. Nii saate reisida teadmisega, et Teie transpordi eest välismaal kannavad hoolt vaid oma ala professionaalid.

“GPN – muutes inimeste transpordi lihtsaks! ”