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Global Passenger Network - France Autocars and Buses
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We offer you the best of passenger transportation

GPN France Autocars primarily focusses on quality of services, comfort and Security.

  • Quality
    We are standard ISO14001: the French higher standard.

  • Environment
    The activity of the GPN France is developed over the years by taking into account its impact on the environment, social and economic spheres. It is therefore constantly that our goal engages us in obtaining the highest certifications and labels.
  • The carbon footprint
    GPN France coaches engaged in the purchase of buses to meet Euro V and EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle standards), the purchase of low emissive cars to CO2, the use of additives in fuel reducing the emission of particles and a preventive maintenance policy, eco-driving staff training. With only 32 grams of CO2 emitted per kilometer per passenger on average, the coach did better than the train in terms of energy balance.
  • Maintenance
    Service garage: our philosophy, prevention.
    Regular checks of our coaches and continuous training of our personnel allow us to have men ever more efficient and broken to new technologies.
    Preventive vehicle maintenance and control of the vehicles before and after each trip, procedure of receipt of new vehicles, controls of the tyres performed by certified technicians, complete check-up procedure every six months.
    Service quality, analysis of malfunctions and corrective actions, implementation of quality indicators.
  • Driver’s training
    Our drivers are given regular periodical driver training courses to update their skills and to meet the requirements of the law.
  • Travel business: travel Incentives and seminars, turned commercial, organization and logistics, business tourism, airports, stations, hotels, companies, shuttle airports, train stations, hotels, businesses, transport V.I.P. and other guests for events.
  • Travel in France and Europe: tour packages, tours and trips, Eco tourism, cultural trips, industrial tourism, trips to themes, sports trips, school trips and associations, transfers of proximity.
  • Private and specific trips: regular services for companies, shuttles, group travels, excursions and outputs business committees, request-specific transport.
  • Council in mobility: GPN France Autocars offers a personalized study of your travel plan, for the rental of prestige limousine to the logistical organization of your events. We optimize your trips to the fair cost effectiveness and bring a response to each of your expectations.


“L’association Global Passenger Network(GPN) est composée des meilleures compagnies de transport terrestre dans le monde. Grâce à nos membres repartis dans 29 pays, nous pouvons répondre à vos demandes de transport à l’étranger.

Nous sommes le membre français de GPN et en travaillant avec nous pour vos transports terrestres vous aurez la certitude, grâce à notre organisation, de recevoir les mêmes niveaux de service que ceux que vous avez l’habitude de recevoir dans votre pays.

Global Passenger Network établit des normes de conformité élevés pour chacun de ses membres afin que vous puissiez voyager avec la garantie d’un hautement service professionnel.

Avec Global Passenger Network – rendez vos transports de groupe simple !”