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Global Travel Hungary - Bus Transportation Services
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Global Travel Hungary

Global Travel Hungary


The Company was established by Marco Mercatali in Emilia Romagna, Italy, operating on the field of tourism, with hotels and restaurants along the Adriatic coast.
The Company extended its operation and became a coach supplier for Globus SA operating all over Europe and particularly in Eastern Europe and Russia.
Global Travel enters Hungary, with a new branch: Global Travel Hungary, becoming an Eastern Europe specialist. We managed to put together a modern fleet with the best coaches available on the market, offering comfortable and clean coaches with the highest standards in maintenance.
Over the past decades the company has grown into one of the most accomplished European motor coach companies featuring exclusive luxury coaches. Since GTH’s cooperation with an Italian firm, 30+ vehicles are operating across Europe, mainly in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans.


At Global Travel Hungary we pride ourselves on operating a range of high quality, luxury coaches. For us it’s essential to provide all of our customers the most modern and comfortable coaches available on the market. Our fleet is regularly maintained, carefully checked and cleaned before every duty.
Our premium coaches are all equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, heating, toilet and washroom facilities, double glazing, blinds and curtains, video and DVD screens, stereo system and WIFI. All these features ensure that our passengers have a relaxing and comfortable journey.
Global Travel Hungary pays special attention to provide high standard of comfort for its passengers. The GTH fleet is one of the newest in the market with an average of 3, 2 years old vehicles and meet the strictest requirements. The luxury seats are clean and comfortable, handcrafted from exclusive materials.
We operate minivans, minibuses and coaches of various sizes from 6-61 seaters.


Highly trained drivers
Though we employ only professional English speaking drivers with minimum of 10 years experience. Together with VOLVO and VDO undertakes the annual training in safety and environmental protection of it’s drivers.
A flexible 24h operational team is available to coordinate the transportation solutions


Global Traveel Hungary (GHT) motor coaches are being constantly maintained and monitored. Besides the annual inspections a weekly routine maintenance check is also carried out. Our coaches are equipped with the most efficien. Our coaches are equipped with the msuppression system called.


Global Travel Hungary is an Eastern Europe specialist.
We provide coach services all around Europe tough, according to the requests of our customers.
Wide range of coaches and minicoaches are available in Hungary for local coach services as well.


A Global Passenger Network, GPN a világ legjobb autóbuszos személyszállitással foglalkozó vállalkozásainak szövetsége.
Jelenleg a világ 34 országában, közte a legtöbb európai országban rendelkezik tagokkal. Ezért bármerre is van szüksége személyszállításra, csak hívjon minket itt Budapesten, mondja el kérését magyarul és mi foglalkozunk az Ön kérésével.

Mi vagyunk a GPN magyarországi tagja és amennyiben minket választ, biztos lehet benne, hogy partnereink segítségével ugyanazt a magas színvonalú szolgáltatást kapja majd, mint amelyet mi magunk is ajánlunk Magyarországon.

A Global Passenger Network minden tagjának meg kell felelni a magas minőségi követelményeknek, hogy Ön abban a tudatban utazhasson, hogy az autóbuszos szolgáltatás terén profi kezekben van.

Global Passenger Network – a csoportos utazás egyszerű!