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The Irizar Group, our GPN’s Strategic Partner, closes a great year 2014, the year of its 125th anniversary

Once again exceeding 500 million Euros of sales, strengthening its brand in all the markets and with strong employment creation

Our Strategic Alliance Partner, the Irizar Group closes the year with a total aggregate sales figure of 535 million Euros, of which 82% corresponds to the export market.
2014 has been a great year in which the growth parameters of the previous years were reduced mainly due to the scarce economic growth of emerging countries.

Although during the crisis the foreign plants, above all Brazil and Mexico were the ones that fuelled the growth of the group, this year the tendency has become inverted and it was Irizar Ormaiztegi that has grown the most and compensated the deterioration situation of these emerging countries.

Of all, in 2014 the foreign plants have represented 42% of all the sales of the group compared to 47% of the previous year and those of Ormaiztegi were 38% compared to 33% of the previous year. The remaining companies of the Group have reported the 20% remaining sales.

That way, this year we will once again talk of growth in production of buses at Irizar Ormaiztegi with a 15% increase regarding the previous year, a year which also had a 15% increase over the year 2012. Giving us a 47% market share in Spain, the highest ever in the history of Irizar.

The main reasons for this respond to on one hand, the increase of production units in both our own buses and the conventional ones and on the other hand, to the better fitting of these to attend to demand of European markets.