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Coach Hire Worldwide


TT Transcom - Global Transportation company
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Coach Hire in Latvia

TT Transcom is an international transportation company, specializing in passenger bus transportation in Europe and Russia.
Our clients receive only the new buses, high level of service, experienced and friendly drivers with good knowledge of foreign languages. We specialise in coach hire in Latvia.


Coach services in Europe and Russia. We have contracts with big, good known and high quality tour companies in Europe. 10 years of experience working with Russian market, give us advantages to work with Russia. It is easy for us to travel through Russian and Belarusian territory and borders. Any kind of transfers or coach hire in Latvia

Our history

We are a fast growing company, providing high quality in coach service business at a competitive price. Company TT TRANSCOM was founded in 2006 by three big companies: SIA VISSA, TARI TOUR, Baltic Lines. All companies have more than 15 years of experience working in touristic services.

Our Fleet

Our company operate only with new top class coaches. Coaches are not older than 5 years. All coaches are equipped with TV, DVD, microphones, Conditioner, WC, Hot water, 220V electricity points, adjustable seats, seats belt, fridges, friendly drivers and more. In future we plan to put limited Wi-Fi on board, now it`s being tested on one of our coach.

  • Coaches – 1-5 years old.
  • Vans – 1-3 years old.
  • Limousines – 1-2 years old.
Friendly drivers

Good coach is better with experienced drivers. All of our drivers speak three languages – English, Russian and Latvian. Also some of them know German.

All drivers have more than 10 years of experience in coach driving and working with tourists.

This is just another reason to use us for all your coach hire needs in Latvia

  • High quality of new coaches, Vans and limousine.
  • Flexible solution for any demand.
  • Experienced, helpful, good looking drivers with multi language skills.
  • 24/7/365 – working administration.

Safety and comfort are the main things in passenger transportation business for us. That why we choose new coaches with advance technologies and experienced drivers. Our coach drivers pass medical examinations and pass strict theoretical and practical driving tests.

Our coaches are maintained on schedule in authorized representative bus workshop. Every half of the year we commence full technical investigation according to law and check our coaches every time before a trip.


Our fleet consists of modern and environmental-friendly busses. All our coaches are equipped with Euro 4 or 5 engines. Our busses have an average age of 2.5 years.

24/7 hours service

24 hr./ 365 d.: Emergency Call: +371 29627061 / +371 2971 7522


Promotion area

In this part of website members can tell clients about new promotion or sales. In this case every member shoud send to website administrator information about current promotion or sale and time duration. Memo will be send to every member with information about it and special form to fill out.


Global Passenger Network (GPN) является Ассоциацией лучших автобусных компаний, собранных со всего мира.

На данный момент членами Ассоциации являются компании из 29 стран мира. И если вам нужно организовать транспорт для ваших групп за рубежом, вы можете просто позвонить нам в Ригу (Компания TT Transcom, +371 29717522) или написать нам по адресу vissa.buh@apollo.lv на русском, латышском или английском языке, и мы поможем с решением любых ваших задач и запросов в любой из стран – членов Ассоциации.

Мы – TT Transcom – члены GPN в Латвии и контактируя с нами по поводу любых ваших нужд по транспорту за рубежом и в Латвии, вы можете быть уверенными в получении сервиса самых высоких стандартов и на самом высоком профессиональном уровне.

The Global Passenger Network – делает транспортировку групп легче!