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New Ways to Discover Croatia – Olivari

Our GPN member for Croatia – Olivari d.o.o. is specialised in incoming to Croatia and South East Europe where they offer complete tourist service.

Their programmes are carefully created and developed, and personally tested to the smallest details. They put a lot of effort and attention into bringing new ideas and inovative programmes to life.

This spring they have developed new programmes which will enable you to discover Croatia in a new way.

For instance, Olivari’s first suggestion is to sail into an adventure with sailing boats Ocean 1, Ocean 2 and Ocean 3 Cruising with motor ships along the magnificent Dalmatian coastline & islands is the perfect way to relax completely while on vacation, but at the same time you can get to know their cultural heritage, enjoy our beautiful nature, and cuisine.

Discover fragances, tastes, nature, culture and dive into the croatian coast.

Other suggestion done by our GPN member in Croatia – Olivari, is to revive your childhood memories on the paths of the Winnetou and mix the culture, city and country in a travel in the footsteps of UNESCO heritage of Dalmatian region.

Get to know urban heritage and enjoy a picnic in the country side on the canyon of river Zrmanja where Winnetou movies were filmed.

Visit their website www.olivari-travel.com or contact them directly for more information.

Croatia – Olivari


Croatia – Olivari