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Luxury Travel Experiences - Coach Hire Stories

From luxury travel to funny experiences - our members share some of their travel stories

Sometimes journeys turn into stories that make the headlines on the news. Or, the other way around, sometimes, things just don’t go the way you want. There’s always the unexpected, in the coach travel industry. Our members are proud to say that, one way or another, managed to get things done and keep our customers happy at all times. They shared with us some of their special moments. Learn about the wine tours, the “ghost” buses, the puppies that were found by football teams – and so many other amazing stories!

Old & New - Luxury travel in Germany

We all love first class, and what’s newq. But what about this for a change? Set out on a time shift in Germany – with our originally restored veteran coach Bussing 4000 TS. First registered on May 12th, 1955, 126 hp, max. speed 80 km/h. With a seating capacity for 24 persons the ideal and unique vehicle for weddings, birthdays, club excursions or anniversaries. Give your celebration a touch of nostalgia.

When travelling in our veteran coach you remember the beginnings of bus tours in the 1950s: 1 week of summer holidays in Bavaria or Tyrol for only 30 – 40 D-Mark. There are rooms without running water, some of the luggage was loaded onto roof racks. When it rained: softened cardboard cases but happy and satisfied guests.

Germany old bus
Germany most luxurious bus
As of June 2020, this is the most luxurious vehicle of our German member: Experience the ultimate in travel – travelling first class with our 5*-star Premium Liner. Maximum of comfort for a maximum of 30 guests onboard. They enjoy extra-wide exclusive leather seats, arranged in the formation 2 + 1, 90 cm spacing between the seats, adjustable back and footrest, armrests on every seat, individual foldout-tables and mini-kitchen. There’s nothing left to be desired.

Most special coach for hire in Bulgaria

The bus of the Bulgarian National Football Team

The most special vehicle in Bulgaria probably has to be one of our 2018 Scania Touring coaches. We use this one for the Bulgarian National football team and it has all sorts of branding of the football team and the Bulgarian Football Union. We are allowed to use it for other purposes as well, so we do all sorts of things with it. People onboard sometimes get confused as to why people on the outside are taking pictures of the bus or waving their hands, so it’s always a funny reaction when you tell them the reason.

Our latest addition, a 2020 Scania Touring is our most luxurious vehicle, along with a 2017 Mercedes Tourismo. Both of them are specified with the most legroom and most luxurious seats available.

Spain: Why do drivers pray for the team to win?

Estadio de Vallecas

The most special vehicle of our Spanish member is a 14-meter coach specially prepared for Rayo Vallecano Football Club, a historic club from the most humble neighbourhood in Madrid, which traditionally fights to survive in the first division or to lift up from second to first. Originally with 63 seats, we changed the distribution to provide the most comfortable space for the players and staff, and it has become a 40 seater with 4 tables. It has been completely livered with the team colours.
Our drivers are proud to drive the team to their games, but they are praying for the team to win because the current manager, Mr Paco Jemez, is well known for being a little grumpy and the trip back to the airport or hotel is not so pleasant if the result did not go as he wished!
What is the most luxurious vehicle you have for hire? In case is different from the most special one, then why is special and does it have any story? Even one re. one funny or interesting trip?
No surprise, this motorcoach is also the most luxurious one we have for hire in Spain.

Malta Special/Luxury VIP Vehicle - Ford Tourneo Custom

The VIP Ford Tourneo is our Star that shines especially bright among all vehicles during the Isle of MTV Malta, of which we are the proud transport providers and have been for the last 12 years. This Vehicle has been custom made for our company and it’s just like a Faberge egg but in reverse. Modest on the outside but a beauty on the inside. Since the VVIP (as we call it) has been with us it has seen many Famous Pop Stars including their antics, such as David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Jason Derulo, Steve Aoki and many more. This vehicle is also hired for the transportation of several dignitaries and Bridal parties.

Malta VIP transportation

Motor Coaches in Ireland

Meet our Gravedigger tour bus for a special bus. The Irish team put a lot of work into this to make the experience an interactive 4D experience for the passengers. It is a ghost bus tour that we run in Dublin. We refurbished the whole interior and exterior and there are actors on the bus. We have smoke, compressed air under the seats, strobe lights, even rancid smells to make the experience more palatable😜


Religious Pilgrimage in Ireland

An amazing bus, but is it fit for any ocasion? “The absolute funniest story about this bus was a couple of years ago when we had an American religious group over and they had arrived in Dublin and the following day we were to take them down the country to a religious site called Knock which would be as big in Ireland as Fatima or Lourdes. We picked them up the night before from the airport and dropped them to the hotel. The following morning, which was a Saturday in the middle of the summer, due to human error every one of our coaches were fully booked and this group had somehow been missed by our transport team until I got a call from the group leader wondering where the bus was. I called the transport team and just realised that there were no buses available to take them as they were all out. The only bus we had left was the Gravedigger bus. I did not want to let the group down so got one of the transport team to get into the bus and drive to the hotel to pick up the group. In the meantime, I had to grit my teeth together knowing full well that this group would be absolutely mortified been picked up by a bus with pictures of the devil, the grim reaper and skeletons all over the inside of the bus particularly when they were to be dropped right into the most religious site in Ireland! But desperate times called upon desperate measures. When the bus arrived immediately the group leader called me, I could feel her veins popping while she was screaming and I think nearly crying down the phone. I eventually got her relaxed and they did travel on the bus but did request to be dropped around the corner from the church they were visiting. I look back now and still can’t help myself laughing.”

It'll be Grand

My second coach is Medb, a famous Irish Queen from the West of Ireland who had a wicked temper on her! It was only purchased in January of this year from VanHool and holds 94 people with lots of space, It’s a double-decker so the views of the West of Ireland where the coach is going to used is the best any operator in Ireland can offer and below deck, there are tables. Extremely comfortable for any distance and at the moment my favourite coach! On the back of the coach, you will see I put the slogan “It’ll be Grand!” a famous Irish saying that means a lot of things depending on who you are saying to but essentially means, relax everything will be fine! This was put on the coach on March 9th of this year by our graphics team. On March 13th, we closed all operations in the company. I just look at this slogan now and laugh! I just keep saying to myself now, It’ll be grand!!
It'll be Grand Coach in Ireland
Our most special vehicle is the one that we use to provide the less fortunate people with transportation to go home for the Tet holiday (Lunar New Year). Many people, usually workers who live far away do not have enough money to buy a ticket home and due to having to work until the last day of the year, they could not find a bus home.
Our most luxurious vehicle is the Hyundai Solati with custom made interior. We strip the original interior and redo it from scratch since none of the interior company in Vietnam can fulfil our request for a high-end vehicle. We use premium material such as leather used on luxurious cars like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche etc. This vehicle is a result of our desire to continue to innovate and improve our service to better serve our customer.

British comfort - The most luxurious coaches on the road

Mark Anderson, the owner of our UK Anderson Travel thinks so: “We have 4 team coaches at Anderson Travel and operate for several different professional and semi-professional clubs as well as doing corporate private hire. All feature 35 passenger seats, tables, kitchens, refrigerators, ovens and microwaves, wifi, DVD/sat TV, telephone changing points and even a physio table. Have a look at the video on our home page of the web site to see in full glory. They are the most luxurious coaches on the road and at my age almost better than sex!”

The dog who joined The Orient football Team - Stories from English Motor Coaches

One of those teams we look after is League 2 side Leyton Orient who we have had a relationship with for 15 years. In London and SE England, everyone’s second favourite team is The Orient as they are usually useless but everyone has a soft spot for them.
On a recent away trip on the motorway, a stray dog was running around the carriageway and could have got itself killed. The coach pulled onto the hard shoulder and the Orient kit man got out and caught the dog and put it on the coach with the rest of the team. Pictures attached.

The Orient team dog

The coach then travelled on to the Orient training ground putting out social media if anyone had lost a dog. By the time the coach arrived back at the training ground a grateful owner and the dog were reunited.
This made national press and SKY Sports news showing the caring side of the sport and good publicity for us and Orient.

Argentina - Vehicles for VIPs

In Argentina, our most special vehicle for hire is the Mercedes Benz VITO. This vehicle is very special because it is one of the most requested vehicles in our country for VIP Guests or small groups.
This vehicle is modern, comfortable and its capacity is perfect for both long and short trips.
We always recommend this vehicle and its acceptance and hiring is at the top of our sales.

One of the most luxurious vehicles we have for hire is a Mercedes Benz.
A long time ago, when hiring luxury cars was something only VIPs – especially movie stars or worldwide known singers could afford, we had a funny story with a one of our guests. While we have to protect his privacy, you most probably know him.
It was a very hot summer day. The driver was a very tall man, not so sympathetic but reliable. Once the VIP guest was on the car, he asked the driver to have some fresh air (it was very hot). As the driver did not like the air conditioner too much he opened all the windows of the car. Just imagine all the wind and hot air flowing in the car. When the guests arrived at the hotel, his hair was very tousled and standing up. Impossible to hold it in place. He never complained – and had a similar haircut on one of his appearances :)) but unfortunately, the driver could not continue working for our company.

Turkey - The luxury way to see Istanbul

We hire one of the oldest Mercedes Benz buses in Istanbul. It is a 1957 model candy-pink and blue 0321 H Mercedes Benz which has been used in urban and intercity public transportation as well as tourism transportation. The bus is a source of joy for the old Istanbul enthusiasts. It is the only example of its kind that professionally lives in traffic.

The most luxurious vehicle we have for hire is a Mercedes Sprinter with a custom-designed interior….adjustable Range Rover seats, soundproof windows, touch panel, blinds, DVD, Plazma TV, WiFi, minibar, safe, a kitchenette and a WC.

Belgium's Office on Wheels

Staf Cars’ first “Office on Wheels” was launched and operates on behalf of the company EY (Diegem) every day from and to Liege! This “Office on Wheels” coach is the perfect solution for companies, business travellers, work commuters, roadshows, product introductions, recruitment, meetings and mobile training or study sessions!
A nice word from EY… Do you change your people or change the way your people work?’ The better question is coming from EY who received today their EY branded “Office on Wheels” bus. The wifi connection on the bus makes sure that people don’t waste any time in traffic but can work more efficiently. People are taking the bus to go from Boutersem to Liège and back, every day except on Fridays as people work in their EY Diegem office that day. EY is building a better working world by allowing these people to save time and to have less traffic-stress.


21 first-class seats (total)
All seats in driving direction
Full leather interior
Individual work tables
Strong WiFi (VPN connection)
Individual USB & 220v power
Flat screens
Hot beverages & bar
Stand-alone facilities
LED mood lighting

Luxury travel in Belgium

That is the comfort of our VIP: Optimus 1 (40 places)
40 seats (total)
10 seats in the meeting area
Full leather interior
Additional tables
On-Board entertainment
Flat screens
Hot beverages & bar
Extra luggage space
LED mood lighting

Meet our new VIP Optimus range… Ambitious managers choose the best because they know what’s important. After all, they have an eye and a sense of endless comfort. As they are themselves, so are their relationships, stylish and sophisticated. Therefore VIP’s now chosen only for VIP comfort. Modern managers have the dynamic to spoil their business relations with guaranteed success. Travelling in a harmonious highly functional VIP interior while enjoying a cocktail and snack, the pleasure of the onboard entertaining and WiFi facilities, attend a presentation or doing a business phone call in a relaxed atmosphere…. and not to forget the meeting room or social area, it makes our VIP Optimus 1 so exceptionally suitable. This complete range of luxury and attentive service is an excellent formula for top quality.

From Sweden: Manchester United's choice - €25k motorcoach branding for one special match

In Sweden, our number one coach is the VDL Futura conference coach. We use that coach the national soccer team – both women and male. The coach is specially branded outside and inside as well. The coach is very popular for other local teams and various clients.

During Europa League Final 2017, we provided the transportation for the Manchester United team. Before using the bus, they have paid 25k to a company who wrapped our motorcoach with their colours and logo. That was just for one football game.

Romania's purple coach - the foundation of today's business

In Romania, our special vehicle is a purple coach. It is the first bus we started doing tourism with, it was bought by Liviu Jisa. In 2000 the founder of Alis Group-Liviu Jisa started transporting people with his purple coach and even in our days, this coach is still in traffic. As you know coaches need repair so our purple coach went through renovations and repairs about 5 times since it was bought, only because it is important for Liviu to see it functional. It is the treasure that put the foundation of today’s business.

Our most luxurious vehicle in Romania is a Mercedes Travego, this coach was bought in 2015, in the moment of acquisition it was in a deplorable condition after performing regular tours, but with ambition and effort, it was 100% renovated. After this restauration, it became the luxurious coach of our parking with TV in each headrest. Our interesting trip with this coach was 5 years ago when some students studying geography – tourism rent it out for a tour of Europe without accommodation for the nights. In this case, the coach was 2 in 1, a carrier during the day and sleeping place during nights. This experience was a success and since then we do 2 similar trips with our geography students every year.

Caring in Norway

In Norway, we have 2 x Scania Touring coaches 57-seats, equipped for transporting disabled guests: fitted with wheelchair lift and space for up to 6 wheelchairs.

4x4 buses in Iceland - crossing unbridged glacier rivers

In Iceland, the most special vehicles we have for hire would be our Highland buses.
Those are 4×4 buses suitable for crossing unbridged glacier rivers, hence reaching almost any destination in the highlands.
Icelandic roads, especially in the interior and highlands, require a special set of skills and expertise best entrusted to those familiar with such conditions. Driving on gravel roads is more dangerous than one might think, and traversing rough tracks or fording rivers in the outback demands a proficiency that only experience can provide. Our professional drivers have earned their expertise through years of practice and will get you to and from your destination while you sit back, relax and enjoy.
During summer Reykjavik Excursions runs scheduled highland buses daily to and from the most popular hiking trails in Iceland, which are surrounded by glaciers, geothermal areas and rivers.

French buses for rockstars

One of the most special vehicles we have to rent is a vehicle for artist tours. This vehicle is special because it has a specific interior layout with a living area (kitchen, dining room, living room, TV screens) and a night space with beds and a bedroom for the main artist. During the tours, our French artists spend more than 50% of their life in our coach. Our drivers have the privilege of attending private concerts with the rockstars who rehearse non-stop during the coach ride.

Alexandre DELVALLEZ, the general manager of Saybus remembers how a very well known French artist who unfortunately passed away that he asked our french member to fit seats on top of the bus so that himself and his team could be at the top during the tours.
Our drivers spend so much time with these artists that they form an affinity with each other. One of our drivers is regularly invited on holidays by a rockstar and has also attended the rockstar’s wedding.

The bus with a wine cellar and beer bar!

One of the most luxurious vehicles we have is a vehicle that we use for team building or works councils. We also use this vehicle to transport VIP people.
It is special because it has inside the vehicle a special layout such as a meeting room with TV screens and all the necessary equipment to hold a meeting, a kitchen also with a wine cellar and a beer bar. Everything is luxurious in the vehicle so that the customer’s experience is unforgettable.

We have amazing wine tours. We offered a corporate tour for the board of directors of a French company going to discover the wine routes. The trip was so exceptional that every year our clients book this vehicle to discover the French wine routes.

The Olympic Russian Motor Coaches

All our motor coaches in Russia are special and provide the luxury travel experience. During the Olympic Games in Sochi (Russia) in 2014, we have sent 4 of our coaches to provide the transportation Olympic teams in different locations for different events. All coaches were covered with beautiful livery with symbolics of Olympic teams.

Of course, most coaches were renewed since then, but we decided to still keep one. It is Mercedes 2014. We use this coach for emergencies only, and it always attracts a lot of attention from our customers.

Luxembourg: The 5 star bus with a lounge and kitchen

Our most special and luxurious vehicle in Luxembourg is our 5 Star Prestige Class bus. It has 22 luxury seats with a multimedia display on every seat. It also has a lounge with 8 seats and a table in the back of the bus. 

This lounge can be used as a conference table, as you also have screens in the lounge, or as a place to enjoy the view out of the roof. This is the most comfortable way to travel on a bus.

Last but not least we also have a small kitchen in the bus to be able to serve drinks and snacks to our guests.

This was a record in Croatia: Too much luggage to fit in one bus!

Since we are covering all the transportation from and to Rijeka airport, sometimes the wind blows so strong that planes cannot land at all.

In such situations we have to transfer all the passengers to the first airport suitable for landing, or the hotels, depending on the situation. Once we were transferring 130 passengers from airport Rijeka to a hotel in Crikvenica, and three coaches – 50 seaters were assigned for that job.
It would have been a normal day at the work for out three drivers if the passengers didn’t have a lot of luggage. There was no way that they could fit all the luggage in the coach luggage compartment. Three times the drivers were taking all the luggage out and try to fit in again – trying to sort the luggage better, but with no success.
Therefore, we had to engage our van with the trailer to take the rest of the luggage to the hotel. In the end, everyone was happy with our service and resolving the issues with luggage. Ivana from our croatian member at Olivary said that “it was my only time to see passengers with so many luggage!”. But don’t worry, everything was sorted!