Global Passenger Network Membership

GPN is in many Countries and we are continuously growing

Global Passenger Network (GPN) is the ONLY Global Network of Transportation Management Companies (TMC) from around the world. Our network is comprised of leading Transportation Management Companies in each country that represent GPN in their respective country and enjoy numerous benefits from being a part of this unique network.

GPN allows one member per country. GPN member companies must meet and maintain strict operational, safety and service standards, as well as provide service everywhere in their own countries, either through their own company or through a quality-assured network.

Membership Benefits

• Increased sales leads and opportunities for our members that are handled directly counting over 5.000 sales leads annually from GPN channels and other Members. There is no intermediate party involved which leads to increase in profit margin.
• Sharing of knowledge, news and best practices with other leading transportation management companies around the world via private channels of communication
• Exhibiting at international trade shows through GPN stand and benefits from membership at internationally reputable organizations
• Access to top coach suppliers through our Partnership Program which is currently comprised of 20 Partners and constantly increasing to cover needs from various industries
• Own personal network of connections around the globe with international colleagues enabling interactions on multiple levels

• CRM database for utilization from all GPN members with over 10.000 active accounts
• Marketing & PR activities of a single and consistent brand of quality, operational excellence and customer service by utilizing strong web presence of GPN website, digital marketing activities, campaigns, press releases and international advertising
• Becoming part of a Global brand and differentiation within local market
• Emergency assistance provided when coach is abroad by local Member in the event assistance is required (ie accidents, driver issues, mechanical failure, tour group assistance and more)
• Access to participate in the 2 General Assembly Meetings per year (Autumn and Spring). These meetings are the “glue” of our network. This is where our Members and Partners interact creating strong interpersonal and business relationships that lead to mutually beneficial co-operations.

Member requirements

If you represent such an organization in a country not yet represented in GPN, and wish to apply for membership, you must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • at least 5 years of experience in the motor coach business
  • charter and/or special operations authority
  • minimum insurance in the amount required by your country
  • an adequate number of vehicles to cover your entire country
  • facilities and equipment available for customer inspection
  • a professional driver training program
  • a fleet of quality, modern motor coaches
  • a preventive maintenance program
  • a full-service maintenance facility
  • a customer service feedback program
  • a comprehensive drug testing program
  • a strong and effective safety program
  • attend GPN’s two yearly meetings

Please contact for more membership information.