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Global Passenger Network Facts

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FACT # 1

During COVID-19 lockdown GPN members around the world provided transportation services to help the community

During these difficult times, when other means of transportation were not possible, our members’ coaches were used to serve the community in various ways to help people. Below follow several examples :

  • Supporting the health care system in various countries by transferring patients of hospitals since ambulances and healthcare workers were struggling and by offering their sleeper coaches as extra beds to hospitals.
  • Transporting hospital supplies but also various goods as cargo between different provinces as in many cases it was difficult to find other means of transportation.
  • Working on repatriation of tourists, including cruise ship passengers and tourists that were caught in other countries during lockdown. With the borders closed, to achieve this we worked together, as a family
  • Transporting military forces as well as prisoners due to lack of available vehicles.

Providing transportation to individuals trying to get home but not having the means to do so with otherwise

We are proud to be a part of an organization whose members care for other people and provide their services to help.

#WeAreGPN #WeCare #WeHelp

FACT # 2

Coach Transportation is one of the most important means of transportation and a major component of the travel and tourism field

Coach Transportation usually brings to mind the transportation of groups of tourists.

However, Coach Transportation is so much more…

  • It is the main means of transportation for tour groups and for multi-day tours, passengers spend a great deal of time on coaches – so much more than on an aircraft in many cases.
  • It is the means of transfer between two points in the mainland whether from/to airport, port, train station, different cities.
  • It is a fundamental part of the organizing of Meetings, Incentives, Congresses or Events as it brings the various activities ”together”.
  • It is the transportation means many companies use to get their staff to work
  • It is the transportation means for children to go to school and return home or go on field trips.

These are just a few examples of where coach transportation is used.
However, what is most important than the actual transportation is the service behind it which includes:

  • The professionalism of the coach operator to provide safe and reliable services at all times
  • The experience and know-how in transportation management and dealing with challenging situations should they arise
  • Qualified, carefully selected drivers to drive the passengers according to laws and regulations

Well-maintained vehicles in terms of functionality, cleanliness and appearance for the safety and satisfaction of passengers

We are proud to be a part of an organization whose members meet the high standards of quality services provided and have vast experience in this field.


FACT # 3

Coach Transportation Industry – One of the first to introduce safety measures against COVID-19 – one of the prominent transportation means

With COVID-19 a new era has come with new measures for the health of passengers.

The coach industry was one of the first to introduce measures of safety for the passengers that included sanitization of vehicles after each use and provision of hand sanitizers and wet wipes to passengers whilst it continued to operate when other means of transportation ceased their operation.

Today our members have taken safety and health measures of their passengers and drivers to another level, complying with rules and regulations of each country:

  • Passenger seats in common coaches are configured face forward limiting the face-to-face interactions with other passengers and thus limiting the spread of the virus from one passenger to the other.
  • Air flow is from the ceiling of the coach to the floor, therefore any droplets follow the same flow not infecting neighboring passengers
  • Coaches are fully sanitized after each service
  • Drivers have been trained to handle this new situation and protect themselves as well as passengers
  • We are following rules and regulations and abiding by them

Providing hand sanitizers, wet wipes and/or masks

See a video of all the measures taken.
Travel safe with us!

#WeAreGPN #SafetyMatters

FACT # 4

Coaches will be used in COVID-19 post-lockdown time for various transportation needs

Following these new measures, more than ever, coach transportation will be required by various sectors such as but not limited to:

  • Companies that would like to provide transportation to their staff in a safer environment
  • Governments to use in public lines to increase the number and frequency of public transportation thus minimizing passengers per vehicle
  • Embassies and Consulates for repatriation of nationals of their countries or for their staff transportation
  • Transportation or tours within the country as it is the most eco-friendly means of ground transportation

Stay Safe Today

Travel Safe Tomorrow


Learning from Experience

During these past few months our members have gained the experience, knowledge and know-how to deal with this difficult situation and are prepared to cover all future coach transportation requirements

Whether you require:

  • a last-minute quotation
  • a quotation for a regular service
  • or a quotation for 2021

you can rely and contact Global Passenger Network