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Morocco Food, Culture, & Architecture Tours

Morocco is known for its food, culture, and architecture. Over 12 million tourists have visited Morocco to experience it themselves.  So what makes it a popular tourist attraction? What are some cities you need to see? What are some of the things that most tourists do not visit?

Reasons to visit Morocco

Morocco has been growing in popularity as a destination for tourists. Thanks to Morocco’s impactful culture and traditions, you will want to visit Morocco for the following reasons:

Morocco is Affordable: An air flight to Morocco could cost you less than $100. Furthermore, Moroccan services (Hotel, Food, Transportation…) are affordable, making it a perfect destination for traveling on a budget.

Food: Morocco is notorious for its food. From tajine to couscous, Morocco has a mixed cuisine implementing European and African cuisine into one.

Green tea: Infamous for its tea, Morocco brews a carefully detailed green tea. A rich yellow color with a refreshing taste of mint and green tea.

Argan oil: Argan is one of Morocco’s most famous product. Argan trees grow only in South-West of Morocco. Argan oil has many benefits ranging from and not limited to anti-ageing effect, wound healing, and skin moisturizer.

Scenery: Morocco has a wide range of natural biomes available to view, whether you prefer surfing in Taghazout or hiking in the Atlas. Undoubtedly, all travellers will find shockingly beautiful scenery. 

Sweets: Delicacy sweets in Morocco are stunning in both taste and shape. Most Moroccan sweets contain a mix of Nuts, Dry Fruits, Dates, and many more surprises.

Handicraft: Moroccan handicrafts are proud of their creations; metal, wood, leather works, and so on… Moroccan artisanal crafts are artsy and carefully created. Additionally, most crafts are handmade.

Architecture: Moroccan architecture is present everywhere you go; Streets, mosques, buildings, and so on… Moroccan architecture is an aesthetic mix of patterns and clays. The combination of Moroccan and Islamic architecture created a ravishing picture.

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Cities you need to see in Morocco

Morocco has many cities that offer unique scenery, food, and experiences. You will want to visit all of them for a rich and cultural impact. Starting from the north and heading down, we have:

Tangier Tours

A city situated in the north of Morocco. It is near 2 seas (Pacific and Atlantic). Tangier has many beaches perfect for swimming and surfing. Furthermore, the city is deeply rich with history from the colonization periods (Spain and France). The city’s cuisine is vastly influenced by Mediterranean flavors, with a focus on seafood and spices. Make sure to visit “Medina Qadima” (The old city) as it shows the history that Tangier experienced. There are some outstanding sceneries in the old medina; Bab El Bhar (Door of the sea) would be a perfect example. You can also find artisanal crafts for affordable prices. Make sure to haggle for prices, as it is part of the culture.


Chefchaouen Tours

Known as the blue city, Chaouen offers stunning views of the mountain. All the buildings there are blue; which is unique. You can literally get lost in the blue and narrow streets. You can visit the big mosque, plaza, and a museum. Additionally, you can visit the local souk and drink the natural water spring. On the other hand, if you love Mother Nature, you can take a 30 minutes ride to visit some dazzling waterfalls.

Fez Tours

This city is one of the oldest Moroccan towns. Fez is over 1200 years old; therefore, it is rich in culture and traditions. It hosts the oldest university in the world. It also contains rich architectural scenery to witness. Fez’s architectural style was deeply impacted by the “Andalouse”. One can notice it after a little tour of the old Medina. Many mosques, houses, and museums have an Andalusian touch that will give you the impression to travel back in time. Furthermore, you can visit Mount Zalagh located north of fez, it has a stunning view of the city, the medina, and its surrounding area. Finally, if you are looking for a unique experience, you can visit the Chouara Tannery.

Rabat Tours

Rabat is the capital of Morocco, a bustling city. Rabat offers some mouth-watering sceneries. You can also see the kasbah, medina, and Andalouse gardens, and much more breath-taking sightseeing. They also offer interesting architecture patterns and shapes. If you have enough time on your schedule, feel free to visit the famous Rabat zoo and natural science museum.

Casablanca Tours

Casablanca is the most populated city in Morocco. For tourists, you can experience culture at its finest. From the suburbs to rural areas, Moroccan people are friendly to tourists. Furthermore, you can visit the Hassan II mosque, which is the second-largest mosque in the world. It was recently renovated and its architecture is exquisite. Visit the museum and the medina for the ultimate Moroccan experience. If you love shopping, Casablanca is the place to go. It has the biggest shopping center in Africa known as Morocco mall. It has both local and foreign brands at an affordable price. On the other side, it also hosts some luxury brands ready to welcome you. Finally, what tourists do not visit a lot is ‘Derb Ghallef’. It’s an old and iconic shopping center built on alleyways and streets. You can literally find anything out there.


Marrakech Tours

Marrakech is known as the seven saint’s city. It is a mix of both modern and traditional culture that offers an astounding experience. The most popular tourist attraction is Jemma-El-Fnaa. It is undeniably, a beautiful bustling place. However, you can go more rural and get lost in the narrow streets of the old medina. It is highly recommended to visit museums, souks, and palaces. The beautiful architectural designs of the Medina can leave you stunned. The temperature in the summer is usually high. Do not forget to cool down with a refreshing meal and mint tea that has a unique taste and scent. After a long day, you should consider taking a hot balloon ride and enjoy all the scenery Marrakech has to offer

Agadir Tours

Agadir is notorious for its Atlantic sea view. You can take a hike in the local mountains for a pleasant view. After the hike, make sure to cool down with a swim in one of the many beaches. Visit the Souk el had, and experience the rich culture that Morocco has to offer. Make sure to visit museums to witness the history of Agadir. Additionally, Agadir has many parks to visit like crocopark; which is a conservation project that is home to many Nile crocodiles. Also, visit the Vallée des Oiseaux; which is free to experience! You could watch in first-hand kangaroos, birds, and other majestic animals. Finally, take a leisurely tour in Souss Massa national park; guaranteed to leave you speechless.


Laayoune Tours

Laayoune is located near the Sahara territory down south. There you can visit the souk and plaza. The Grand Mosque is located in the center of Laayoune, and without a doubt, it is one of the most iconic sightseeing out there. Furthermore, Laayoune has a Spanish cathedral. However, the most important spot in Laayoune you need to visit is Saguia-El-Hamra. It is a river area located in the northern area of Laayoune; An aesthetic blue clear water, near orange sand dunes and green luxurious plants. Moroccans love the Saguia-el-Hamra; it even has a song for it. Finally, you can explore the desert and enjoy all the goodies it has to offer.

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Not only will Morocco challenge all your senses (Scent, Taste, Vision, and touch) but it will also create unforgettable memories and experiences. It will definitely make you want to come back again. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your flight, and enjoy all that Morocco has to offer.

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