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Over the last few years, Zwinq has evolved into a market leader in the area of fleet and fuel management. Our drive has led us to become the frontrunner in our field and this means we come up with creative and innovative solutions for our customers, where data, energy and efficiency are key. We offer solutions for retail fuel stations and for companies who manage their private (homebase) fuel stations.

Our solutions help our clients monitor and optimise the management processes of their fleet and (fuel) stations. We are able to significantly improve the operational efficiency of our clients by integrating dataflows and data sources of fuel or energy transactions and by managing their fuel stations in our platform. Our innovative solutions enable correct, accurate, and timely reporting, without human interaction. Gain insight into the cost of ownership, sustainability KPIs (like your carbon footprint), fuel savings and many other KPIs of your fleet(s). These insights help fleet managers to improve efficiency and to increase control, which can lead to cost reductions. With all data easily accessible through our APIs, our clients and partners can incorporate this data in any other processes or systems (e.g. ERP or accounting solution).