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2006 to the Present

Quality Coach Hire since 2006 to the Present. In July of 2006, a group of elite motor coach operators from ten countries met in Bologna, Italy, to explore ways to create strong and lasting partnerships with other companies around the world with a similar philosophy of quality and service. These founding members were looking for ways to guarantee their clients the same quality abroad that they offered in their own countries. During the 2-day meeting, GPN was born. Since 2006, GPN has been steadily adding new members that share the original philosophy of the organization. From its 10 founders, GPN has grown to include many members. Although the goal is to offer service in every country around the world, GPN’s focus remains on quality coach hire rather than quantity, and only the best operators are considered for membership.


Quality coach hire

Global Excellence and Environmental Preservation

GPN’s objective is to be the leading international organization in the field of surface quality passenger transportation, assuring its clients elevated benchmarks of safety, quality and service in all its member countries around the world. Through its high standards, GPN strives to promote the motor coach industry as a viable and ecological alternative to private car use.


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Travel by bus and coach offers a much safer alternative to driving.

Facts and figures from all around the world demonstrate that motor coach travel is the safe way to go. For example, in the European Union, road fatalities for bus and coach passengers represented only 5,7% of all road fatalities in 2007-2008. In the U.S.A., coaches are the safest form of highway transportation over the last ten years.

The motor coach industry has another safety advantage: its drivers. Motor coach drivers are required by law to pass a medical examination and to pass strict theoretical and practical driving tests. Global Passenger Network takes safety a step further: our members’ drivers are given periodical driver training courses to update their skills, and a driver drug testing program is mandatory for companies that wish to be part of GPN.

To read more about motor coach safety, visit the SmartMove website’s safety page: www.busandcoach.travel/en/safe/ or view SmartMove’s Safety Fact Sheet. GPN is a supporter of the SmartMove campaign.

Quality Coach Hire

Quality coach hire

High Quality Coach Hire in 41 Countries

We at Global Passenger Network are focused on our members offering high quality to clients. This means high quality in service, vehicles, and any additional products our members offer. Our members pride themselves on the personalized care given to clients, from the planning to the post-service phase. Our global members are focused on providing the best solution for your group: the right vehicle and the right driver to fit your group’s size and expectations. Our team helps you plan your personalized transportation schedule, so that all aspects of your trip will go smoothly. Our members’ local expertise makes it possible for them to apply their knowledge toward the success of your travel event, whether you need an airport transfer, a day tour, or complex transportation for a large conference or congress.


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An environmentally friendly way to travel

Taking a motor coach is the most environmentally friendly way to travel, releasing even less CO2 per passenger into the environment than travel by train. Moreover, the motor coach manufacturing industry is constantly reducing vehicle emissions through rapidly evolving technology. Modern motor coaches are cleaner and greener than ever, and they are improving every year! For some enlightening facts on motor coach environmental safety, visit SmartMove’s environment page: www.busandcoach.travel/en/green/ or read their Green Fact Sheet. GPN is proud to be part of the SmartMove campaign!