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Wine Tours in France, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Chile, Austria

Wine Tours in Poland

Did you know that viticulture’s history in Poland dates back to the 10th century?

Poland is a geologically diverse country where you can find sea, mountains, rivers, National Parks but also wine…

Today in Poland you can find over 230 registered wineries and many more unregistered. These wineries are spread across the country but our suggestion for your first stop to be Krakow, where you will find numerous wineries in the region.

After recent visits and lots of wine tasting, TPO PASTUSZAK has created the most amazing Wine Tours to give its visitors a taste of this part of Poland. You can rely on TPO PASTUSZAK to take you to the finest and most traditional wineries with its privately-owned vehicles.


Wine Tours in Turkey

Did you know that culinary travel is no longer just about cooking classes, wine tastings, or dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant?

There is a growing demand for authentic and unique culinary experiences which is broadening the scope of culinary travel and now you can find tours to new and different wine & food-focused destinations and activities.

In Turkey, you can find wine & culinary itineraries with authentic experiences that have evolved from cooking classes to organic farm visits and even take you into the home of a celebrity chef for an educational workshop.

As these are on off-the-beaten-path locations, you can rely on IDEE Travel & Events to make all necessary arrangements for you providing more personalized and intensive wine and food experiences with their privately-owned fleet of vehicles to take you there. For IDEE Travel & Events culinary travel means going local, putting food and wine into context, and finding the gems of mom and pop restaurants, and boutique vineyards.

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Wine Tours in Spain

Spain is one of the world’s leading tourist destination, thanks to our country’s variety of attractions. There’s no point just visiting Madrid or Barcelona and thinking you’ve seen the whole of Spain… the country is vast and diverse – both in culture and geography. This makes for a truly exciting country to visit, especially if you’re planning a road trip where you can experience so much.

Spain has the biggest vineyard surface in the world. Contrary to the stereotype, Spain has an extremely varied climate and you will find lots of smaller ´micro-climates´across the country, each perfect for growing different kinds of grapes. This means that Spain has a huge variety of distinct and different beautiful vineyard landscapes to explore.

Each wine region in Spain has something different to offer: winery architecture and design, vineyard patterns, the colours and scents of the different soils and terroirs, the local food produce to accompany the wine, and of course, the wine itself.

Our suggestion, when planning a trip to Spain, contact Cartour, S.A. to hire a coach to take you to these beautiful regions and wineries in Spain… It will make your trip memorable…

Wine Tours Czech Republic

Are you thinking about your next vacation in Czech Republic?

Discover untouched regions and nature that have more to offer than crowded sightseeing and busy streets. Let’s combine nature, sightseeing and wine tasting in Moravia. There are 4 TOP wine regions located within a 3-hour drive from Prague – Znojmo, Mikulov, Velke Pavlovice and Slovacko, which include 96% of the country’s vineyards. Explore local vineyards and wine cellars or visit the famous „Vinobraní“ – the wine harvest festival, where towns and villages across Moravia burst into life with street performances, fireworks, music and of course wine tasting.

Umbrella Holiday will help you to organize your transportation, accommodation and of course the wine tasting and vineyards visit! We can offer you 1 day or multiday trips or just a stop by on your way from Prague to Vienna, also with English speaking guide.
Do not forget to put this in your itinerary – you will not regret it !

Wine Tours in Italy

Italian Wine Tours, Truffle Hunting, Cookery Classes & Tasting Events

When it comes to thinking about the art, culture, and tradition of food and wine you can’t think of any other place more appropriate than Italy. Food and wine is considered the quintessential element of the Italian culture.

It is no wonder why with the sheer variety of wines produced in the country, around 350, and the number of Italian plates that are household names all around the world.

Food, wine, artisanal beer, local products are integral to enjoying and understanding Italian lands, reflecting centuries-old crafts and methods, and cultural and religious rituals.

Among the huge variety of excellences spread out the country, we focus today on the gourmet capital, cradle of Savoy Kingdom: Piedmont.

Piedmont is home to the World famous ‘Slow Food Movement’ and UNESCO has recently awarded our wine regions ‘World Heritage’ status for their unique landscapes and geology!

The region produces some of the best and most famous wines in Italy including; Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Gavi, Arneis, and ‘The King of Wines’ Barolo. The fertile calcareous soil and unique geography of this region produces some of the worlds best food products such as Risotto rice, Porcini mushrooms, Castelmagno cheese and the famous White Truffle.

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You will be surprised to discover the charming city of Turin, nestled in the foothills of the Alps. Turin is rather inexpensive, easy to get around and with a recently renews green-soul, thanks to pedestrian-only areas. The city center has plenty of elegant squares, important museums and historic cafés.

The region is also home of fantastic ski slopes (remember the wonderful 2006 Torino Winter Olympics?); beautiful lakes as Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore; evocative historical villages and castles like Castello di Grinzane, Castello di Masino, the Forte di Fenestrelle (second longest military building after the Great Wall of China); impressive cathedrals and religious monuments as the Sacra di San Michele, the Duomo di Torino, the Sacrimonti; huge natural parks like the Gran Paradiso. Not to be missed La Venaria Reale palace, Savoy’s summer residence.

Whether you want an exclusive Italian wine tour, traditional Piemontese cookery class, a ‘real’ truffle hunt, or even buy fantastic Italian products, Linea Azzurra can arrange everything for you, SALUTE!

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Wine Tours in Chile

Fertile valleys nestled between the mountains and the ocean are the perfect terroir for some of the best wines in the world. 

When visiting Santiago de Chile, you have some of the greatest wine valleys just a few hours away. 

An hour and a half towards the coast, there is the Casablanca Valley whose valley is known for its refined white wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc. While south of Santiago you will find the Maipo Valley, often described as the Bordeaux of South America and its rich and fruity Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly its most celebrated wine.

Further south, almost three hours away from Santiago, visit Colchagua Valley, the Napa Valley of South America, and truly Wine Paradise for those wine lovers. Famous for producing full-bodied red wine varietals like its famous Carmenere-originally from France but now nearly extinct, in Chile the grape is bottled as a single varietal wine or mixed with the valleys complementary harvest of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Syrah. Simply delicious!

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Enjoy wine activities with a Chilean asado (bbq), riding a bike through the vineyards, or even making your own wine at some of the prestige wineries located in these valleys. A great option for all those that love wine or want to learn more about it!

For the best wine-tour experience in Chile, you can count in ASB Chile.

Wine Tours in Austria

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An invitation of delightful adventures and enjoyable experiences

Austrian worlds of wine mean enjoyment and passion combined with ambition and love for wine down to the last detail. Winegrowers around Vienna, from Burgenland, Lower Austria and Styria inspire their visitors in cozy wine adventure worlds, rustic taverns or cozy arbours with taste and experience in a variety of ways! Well-known classics and sparkling newcomers in the east of Austria between Lake Neusiedl and Leithagebirge, wine hikes at Hochgrail, wine tours along the Sausal Wine Route or through beautiful Schilcherland. Exciting combinations and enjoyable impressions! In addition to these graceful „drops“ of all regions, beautiful nature and cultural highlights with culinary delicacies are waiting for you.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of wine experiences of the Winegrowers Krems or come to pass on a journey of discovery in the famous Loisium in the lovely Wachau. Visit the fantastic vineyards of Sandgrube 13 or take the chance to feel the extraordinary atmosphere on the panorama terrace of the Benedictine monastery Göttweig. May be you will stay for Danube fish or the all-known apricot dumplings in which taste delicious here with wine! Or enjoy your glass with “Schiff Ahoi” – a relaxed Danube boat trip from Spitz to Krems!

You will find adventurous cellar lanes in the Retzerland next to castles and historic places, interactive adventure worlds, nature parks and classic museums in the Weinviertel! Cross-generational variety and a journey through time on Heldenberg inspire! Selected wineries from classic ones up to wine cult as well as the Lower Austrian sociability and the „notorious“ Weinviertler DAC become unique to encounter!


Wild and romantic landscapes in the Mostviertel with its gorges, waterfalls, primeval forests, rivers and the surprisingly snow-reliable mountains in the Lower Austrian so called “Quarter of Seductions” between Danube and Ötscher – tradition is settled in time and space here. Go for „Taste“ in the Mostelleria and in the “Bread Adventure World” – or have you already tried Mostviertel „Schofkas“ and other specialties made from wild dirndls, service berries and rose hips next to wine?

“From vine to glass”- where Riesling and Veltliner come together, you will be dedicated to the very origine in the Kamptal. Experience the craft of cooperage and todays wine culture up close in the Straßertal. Follow the wine from vine to its processing. “Those who can enjoy no longer drink wine, they taste secrets.” and get to know the LOISIUM WeinWelt on a tour through the spectacular cellar labyrinth. A fascinating experience and a wonderful light country trip like a tour with friends!

Wine tastings in Southern Styria along the southern Styrian Wine Route in one of the most famous and excellent wine-growing regions in the country – here wine becomes the absolute starlight! Countless wineries and traditional wine taverns attract with fine wines and spoil the palate of their guests! There is a symbiosis of pleasure between an eight of collected wine and aromatic styrian vulcam ham, which is a specialty in the “Styrian Vulkanland”. Whether schnapps and vinegar manufacture, oil mill, pumpkin seed, mustard or chocolate tastings – there are hardly any limits to enjoyment!

As creative and exclusive the wines, as multifaceted and individual are the almost innumerable possibilities to complete these tours to unforgettable and wonderful trips at all. Whether you are interested in a day trip, multi-day trip, rally or round trip – we design your group trip individually and tailor-made according to your wishes and needs! Check out our current suggestions for a variety of destinations and be inspired by the wealth of excursion recommendations near and far! We design your very personal travel program in a professionally competent manner, including high-quality accommodation, tickets to events of all kinds, city tours, gourmet meals and wine tastings, boat and carriage rides, trips with nostalgic vehicles and much more. Prices from Blaguss Reisen GmbH on request.

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Wine Tours in France

A third of tourists name wine and gastronomy as choice motivation for a trip with Saybus in France. The way of  France was engage in its wine development has earned an international reputation of “wine country”. What do you know about wine culture in France?
Wine tourism, what is it?
Wine tourism, is the union of the two most beautiful passion of French people: wine and rural heritage. During a wine tour, wine lovers are going to wine estate to visit the vine, discover production methods and talking with winemakers.

Wine industry in France

In France, wine-growing regions are major tourist destinations offering various touristic product linked to wine and vine. French vineyard produce more than 3 000 different wine over 66 departments and 16 vineyard: Alsace, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Bourgogne, Bugey, Champagne, Corse, Jura, Languedoc, Lorraine, Loire, Provence, Roussillon, Rhône, Savoie, Sud-Ouest. Real opportunity to highlight wine heritage, wine tourism is a chance for wine culture and France. More and more tourists or excursionists are coming to meet wine-growing holding to taste, buy, discover wine but also wine-growing region around.

This kind of tourism speaks as well as amateurs as experts, who could develop their knowledge in wine and well understand each vineyard. There are 4 mains categories of wine tourists:

  • 40%: epicureans, who are mainly coming to taste, buy wine, and visit the wine cellars
  • 24%: classics, less adepts of tours in wine-growing region, and for whom wine is a part of the discovery of heritage’s region but not exclusively
  • 20%: explorers, for whom vine and vineyard  are decisive reasons of the tour: they are looking for secrets and unknown addresses
  • 16%: experts, have come to discover the history, local culture, and all the wine world

Wine tourism in France in a few figures

An attracted offering for French visitors (at 58%) as well as foreigners (at 42%). In fact, for the latter the increase of the attendance is the most outstanding: +40% since 2009, vs +29% for French customers.

According to Atout France, while they were 7,5 million in 2009, tourists who came to discover French wines and vineyards were 10 million in 2016, which representing global expense of 5,2 billion euros in 2016.

Foreign customers represent 42% of the attendance (Edition Atout France “Tourism and wine ” 2010):

  • Belgians 27%
  • British 21%
  • Germans 15%
  • Dutch 11%
  • Americans 4%

Belgians and British represent the principal adepts of wine tourism in France (almost the half of the international visitors) but new customer, came from farthest markets, particularly Asian, show a growing interest for this activity and might consolidate the sector development.

The number of visitor increases, which predict a wind of change on the proposed offer by the wine estates. For winemakers, the challenge will be to innovate without forgetting to honor their local products.

Developing the wine tourism

Issues related to the wine tourism economy are important as much at increasing wine-growing region attendance, as stimulating wine sales. Between tasting, buying, visiting wine cellars or museums, wine festivals, discovery of region’s heritage with a wine angle, wine tourists have abundance of choices. 

Certification label « Vignoble & Découvertes » (Vineyard & Discovery)
Created in 2009, the certification label « Vignobles & Découvertes » allowed to tourist destination and linked providers  to highlight their know-how in wine. It is assign by Atout France for 3 years, upon recommendations of the High Council of Wine Tourism and enable the customer to facilitate the organization of his tour and to guide him on highly qualified services.
Atout France has just certify « Vignobles & Découvertes » 4 news wine tourist destination. It is « Destination Beaujolais », « d’Irouléguy, le vignoble de la montagne basque », « les Vignobles de Virdoule Camargue » and « Forez-Roannais, aux racines de la Loire ».
That makes 71, the total number of certified destinations the French territory, more than 5 000 providers in the network (accommodations, catering, wine estates, museums, etc). Atout France also explain in its press release wanted to « go further in the offer certification and the optimization of the certification label in industry development’s service ».
Value of the French heritage
Vine and French wine have gone through centuries and have contributed of the development of a huge heritage. It creates infinite resources of stories and shows vineyard’s particularity and identity.
french wine

Respond to new expectations

french wine and cheese

Largest exporter of wine and spirits in the world and first tourist destination in number of traveler, France hosted, in its vines and wine-cellars, less than half of visitors than California: 10 millions of wine tourists (with only 5 millions of foreigners) against 23 millions on the Napa Valley. How overcome that?

While historical city-centers and waterfronts are, in France, close to saturation, wine tourism could help to revitalize some remote territories and the search of new activities. By offering, for example, privilege moments with the winemakers to the wine tourists. Nowadays, tourists can participate a few hours to the picking, explore the vineyard by bike or by horse, perhaps overfly it at low altitude. They have the opportunity to make their own personalize label on the bottle as a souvenir of their visit. They learn to « speak » wine with a professional vocabulary. Art exhibitions, concerts, shows are organized in vineyard.

This is a true ongoing cultural revolution: going from wine production to telling stories around wine is not that easy and wine operator are doing it more en more.
For 9 winemakers out of 10, being able to pass their knowledge is a major challenge, even though learning is not the first request of wine tourists. Challenge the more topical now, post COVID-19 for the tourism industry in France.

Wine tourism in France on COVID-19 era

Atout France has recently did a market study on wine tourism in 9 countries, including France, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Due to COVID-19, the concept of wine tourism has been torment and wine-cellars and vineyards from all over the world had to reinvent their offers and services. The link between wine tourism and selling wine became more important progressively with the establishment of containment measures and the breakdown of direct selling, so important in the sales revenue of modest vineyards.


Professionals believe that containment will represent a decrease in wine selling between 40% and 50% minimum during this period. « French concentrate on emergency food purchases shift away from pleasure buying for lack of great time with friends or family (still wines -6% and sparkling wines -45%) » déclared Joël Forgeau, Chairman of Vin & Société.


Wine tourism actors faced this period in 3 ways:

  • Digital, with an increase in online wine selling but also multiple initiatives to keep the link with their customers, perhaps reach new: master class, lives, virtual visits, etc
  • Implementation of « drives » to preserve the direct selling proximity
  • A big solidarity of wine-growing businesses with their territory and caregiver: production of hydro-alcoholic gel, auctions, gifts and donations to the caregivers, bottle donations to the nursing home, etc


All of them have adapted their communication strategy and are now preparing to welcome back the visitors in specific sanitary measures.

Upstream of the Tourism Interdepartmental Council of May 14th, the sector has worked to propose a good sanitary practices guide for the reopening. This process is driven by Vin & Société (picture wine sanitary measures)

Today, following the pandemic situation, reopening views and the comeback of few customers take shape. This comeback will be, of course, very strict.

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