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WWW.SOLARBUS.PRO is part of Green Energy A/S with headquarters in Oslo Norway.
There are subsidiaries and dealers in various places on the globe. All deliveries and packaging of bus sets are handled by our central warehouse in Denmark, Green Energy Scandinavia. This is also the home of our technical support and customer service. Financing solutions are handled from the headquarters in Oslo.

The company is built around long experience in solar cell technology and especially on CIGS technology which has unique properties that perform well under conditions such as low light intensity, shadows and high temperatures.
The implementation of solar energy on vehicles is the focus and here the company is the world leader in technology for controlling solar energy on vehicles. The company provides solar cell solutions for use in severe or extreme conditions where only the best equipment can survive. All parts of the product program are the result of the innovative R&D department with their long experience.
This has resulted in its own brand in almost all products in the product line.
Other trademarks of the company are,, and