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An Environmentally Friendly Mode Of Transport​

When you see motorcoaches on the road, have you ever thought the variety of transportation needs they cover in a society?
The most common use of a motorcoach is for groups of tourists visiting a city and going on various tours, whether half-day city tours or even full-day tours. However, coaches are selected to provide transportation services to so many more sectors…
Below we mention some of the sectors that most frequently select coach hire to cover their transportation needs. Are you included in any of them?

Motorcoach Hire for Tourism

Although most people would guess that motorcoaches are a vital part of the tourism packages for airport transfers, city tours or full-day tours, they are also the most frequently used means of transport for multi-day tours. The reason for this is that motorcoaches provide great flexibility to their passengers for stops along the way to stretch or even just for photos, panoramic windows to enjoy the scenery during the entire journey, visiting places and spots that otherwise would not be easily accessible and most importantly, they offer amenities and space that make travelling super comfortable.
Thanks to the various capacities of the vehicles, groups of various sizes can hire a coach ensuring safe, flexible and affordable travel throughout one or several countries.

motorcoach hire for tourism
motorcoach for conference

Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Events

Ever attended a meeting, incentive, congress or event? If you carefully consider the full schedule of such an event, you realize that the transportation needs for any of these are numerous… from airport transfers, venue/hotel shuttle services, transfers to restaurants, activities or even tours.
A carefully planned event of any sort includes a very well-organized transportation project to cover the related needs of all participants. The fleet of motorcoaches will be carefully selected to offer high-quality services, the drivers will be professional and experienced offering a seamless experience.

Motorcoaches & Cruises

Cruise lines offer amazing itineraries, visiting numerous picturesque and interesting ports, great opportunities to their passengers to visit a different city or even country each day. What an amazing feeling to wake up each day in a different country, with another culture, cuisine and sights to see… But how do you visit them?
Passengers have the option to walk around and discover the city port on their own, but usually, the most interesting parts of each daybreak require covering quite some distance. That’s why so many different shore excursions are organized in each port of call covering different interests, level of accessible difficulty and even places of interests/sights. All these excursions require the transportation of motorcoaches, with panoramic windows and carefully planned schedules to ensure that the guests make the most of their time at each port and of course return to their ship in a timely manner.

france coach 2

Sports teams, clubs & associations

Sports teams frequently require transportation within their home city for games or training but also when visiting other cities for getting them around (airport, hotel, sports centers, training, etc). Many sports teams even chose to hire branded coaches with their team’s logo and colors just for one event! Very personalized service!

On the other hand, sports clubs and associations, when travelling in groups, find that hiring a motorcoach is the best way to get around and enjoy their time together while on the go…

Motocoach Hire

Motorcoaches for Schools & Universities

More and more we notice that, instead of using school buses for the transportation of students, schools and universities prefer hiring motorcoaches to provide safe transportation to their pupils. Itineraries are created to pick up students from their home in the morning and take them to school as return them in the afternoon.

Of course, let us not forget the importance of educational school trips that give students a more hands-on experience in combination with fun. A coach is a necessity when transporting these groups with safety to and from their place of visit.

Motorcoaches for staff transportation

Many companies have found that hiring motorcoaches for the transportation of their staff from and to company’s premises has minimized stress levels and has increased productivity.

To better serve this purpose, there are even specially manufactured coaches also knows as “offices on wheels” that have the environment of a small private workspace on wheels. Each seat has a table to place a laptop, wi-fi is offered onboard and even connect to a printer.

The productivity of these members of staff begins when they step on the vehicle and lasts until they step off upon their return home without stressing over traffic or time… What a relief this must be!

Moreover, motorcoaches are hired for the transportation of staff to corporate events whether this is for a specific activity or outing or even for a multi-day team-building excursion. Team building begins onboard the coach!


One of the biggest headaches of a wedding is making sure the guests that arrive from other locations are well accommodated. They need to get to the wedding on time, but also make sure that they are comfortable with all the schedule. Probably the most frequently-used solution is hiring a motorcoach that will ensure the transit of guests in a comfortable manner to all the various venues.

Not to mention that this allows guests to enjoy themselves responsibly as they can have a drink without any concern about driving back home after party…

Lithuania bus rental

Motorcoach Hire

HIRING A MOTORCOACH – An environmentally friendly mode of transport

Over the years, many studies have shown that selecting to travel by coach reduces the carbon footprint emission in comparison to other means of transportation. The more people on a coach instead of a car, the better for the environment. We consider this a very good reason to select transportation by coach – maybe the most important one of all!

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