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13th GPN General Meeting was held in Finland

GPN annual General Meeting was held in Finland, Vierumäki from the 19th to the 20th March 2012. We had GPN members from all over the world. Over 25 persons from twelve different nationalities.

GPN Finland wanted to show something else than Helsinki and invite GPN members to have their meeting in the famous Vierumäki area. Scandic Vierumäki offered good meeting facilities to our guests.

During the meeting were discussed many interesting proposals and concerns affecting coaches industry globally. One of the main concerns was the high grown of fuel prices. Almost every member confirmed that the increase of fuel prices makes pressure to rise also customer prices. Getting higher prices from customers is not an easy task. Meeting’s atmosphere was relax but everybody had the same worry and feeling, how this issue will affect coaches market in the future.

During the meeting , the GPN ‘s Strategic Alliance Partner , VDL , made an interactive presentation about what’s going on in VDL markets.

Also from Finland , the company, Vianor made a presentation of their products and gave also information about some new products for GPN members.

After a long first meeting day there was time to relax and as good host, GPN Finland wanted to show something special from Finland. All guests went back to their rooms to get ready for going to the traditional Finnish smoke sauna and have a swim in an icy lake, Mustalampi. After the sauna, we had a delicious Finnish salmon meal in the restaurant Kammi.

There was also some nice surprises prepared after our second meeting day. GPN members visit Lahti, one of the hosts coach repairing garage. In the garage area everyone had the opportunity to taste “Finnish motor oil” called Salmiakki drink. Then, we went all together for a small city tour in Lahti city area. Places like Sibelius hall, Lahti port and Lahti stadium area were also visited. After this visit, we got our goodbye dinner in Messilä manorhouse in a relax and warm atmosphere.

Next meeting will be held in October in Lisbon. GPN Finland wants to thank everyone to being part of the meeting, visit Finland and you are the very welcome back to visit again Finland!

Tarja Nihtilä