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2010 Athens Classic Marathon with GPN Germany

A few years ago I had a dream: to take part in a marathon once a time. I realized the dream and took part I on of the most famous marathons in the alps, the montafon-arlberg-marathon, in the meantime 6 times. It was a famous feeling, that I was able to realize this. A few weeks a colleague asked me to take part at the Karlsruhe Marathon with a team, and I was excited of this idea. It was a new experience to run at such an event with about 10.000 other people, and reach the finish line after one person run 21 kilometers, the other person 15 kilometers, and the finisher 6 kilometers. Our aim was not to beat any records and run the best times, I was to take part together, have fun and additionally to do something for your own health. (see more photos here: GPN Friends)

Now we have another dream: In the next year marathon is celebrating 2500 birthday.

There will be a race from Marathon to Athens on the original old track. I believe this will be a outstanding feeling, to run this race at this time. Now we have the chance to take part at this race, and we will do it. See you on October 31st in Athens . If you are interested in participating please contact GPN Germany.


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