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48 VDL Citeas in operation by Veolia Transport Finland

Early January 2013 Veolia Transport Finland started running their new Helsinki scheduled operation. Since then they have put the 48 VDL Citeas in service. They are operating on the lines between the city centre and the northern parts of the city. In June 2012 VDL and Veolia signed the contract for 10 Citea SLEs-129/255 (2-axle) and 38 Citea XLEs-145/310. In 2012 VDL has delivered 120 Citeas to Finland, making VDL the market leader in public transport vehicle supply in this country.


“Excellent support from the VDL organisation during the start-up phase has played an important role in the successful launch of our new operations. Based on the customer feedback also passengers are very satisfied with the high comfort level and stylish modern interior of the vehicles”, commented Sami Ojamo, director purchasing and business development Veolia Transport Finland.
Rémi Henkemans, managing director VDL Bus & Coach: “We are very satisfied with the fruitful cooperation with Veolia Transport Finland thereby granting VDL the opportunity to introduce two additional Citea models in the Helsinki area. In 2012 we have introduced here a total of three different Citea models, showing the excellent fit of VDL vehicles for the Finnish market.”


All Citeas for Veolia are fitted with a DAF Euro 5 engine with EEV (Enhanced Environmentallyfriendly Vehicle) technology. Thanks to its light-weight construction, the Citea has a low net weight, resulting in economical fuel consumption and low emissions of harmful gases. During the design phase of the bus, safety and comfort for passengers and the driver were given top priority. The Citea also provides a highly ergonomic and comfortable driver’s area. The Citeas for Veolia have LED interior lighting and high, comfortable seats which optimize the passenger’s comfort.

The Citea Low Entry is available in four length variants and consequently provides a wide range of possible transport roles and configuration options. The low-floor construction at the entrance and exits provides optimal accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby buggies. Veolia
Transport Finland has opted for two different length variants. The 2-axle Citea SLE-129 is 12.9 metres long and has 40+4+1 seats. The 3-axle Citea XLE-145 is 14.5 metres in length and has 49+4+1 seats.
The harsh climate conditions in Finland, with temperatures between -30 degrees Celsius and +30 degrees Celsius, and the large distances covered mean that the vehicles have to meet stringent requirements. Top-quality service for passengers is also one of Veolia’s focal points. This new VDL fleet will travel 3 million kilometres a year carrying over 250,000 passengers.


Veolia Transport Finland is one of Finland’s largest public transport companies and offers sophisticated and sustainable transport and mobility solutions for cities, towns, local authorities and the private sector. The company operates in the Finnish capital Helsinki and in the west of Finland.
Veolia Transport Finland is part of the world’s largest private public transport company, Veolia Transdev, which has annual sales of 7.8 billion, employs 102,000 people in 27 countries and makes 3.3 billion journeys a year using 13 different means of transport.