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7 VDL Citea SLFs delivered to KVG Braunschweig

Since 4 December 2012 seven new Citea city buses have been put in regular service by KVG (Kraftverkehrsgesellschaft mbH) in Braunschweig, Germany. The Citeas operate in Salzgitter. The seven buses are all of type Citea SLF (Low Floor). This type, with its completely flat floor, is the ideal city bus. Thanks to its innovative lightweight construction, the Citea has a low net weight, which results in excellent fuel economy and low emissions of harmful gases.

VDL Citea SLF: profitable and comfortable

KVG already owns three VDL vehicles: an Ambassador ALE-120/225 with Cummins engine and EEV technology, a Citea SLF-120/310 with DAF engine and EEV technology and a Citea CLE-
120/310 with DAF engine and EEV technology. For this most recent order KVG has chosen the Citea SLF-120/250 with a length of 12 meters, equipped with a Cummins engine and EEV technology.

A long service life and low fuel consumption result in maximum ‘Profit of Ownership’. It’s not surprising then that the Citea SLF was awarded ‘Coach of the Year 2011’. The Citeas for KVG can accommodate 100 people (34+2+1 seated and 63 standing). The low floor construction makes it exceptionally easy to enter the bus and offers optimal access, for passengers with a baby buggy or wheelchair for example. The entry door near the driver is double wide, which makes boarding the bus even more convenient. Once on board, one immediately notices the Citea‘s light, inviting interior. The cantilever seat design (free-hanging seats) ensures plenty of leg room and therefore optimal sitting comfort. Because the entire floor is free of obstacles, the buses are easy to clean.

The Citeas for KVG are further equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, a climate control system and a reversing camera.

KVG Braunschweig

KVG is located in Salzgitter. The head offices are in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt. KVG’s core business is passenger transport via public transport buses. KVG is responsible for the public transport in Salzgitter, Bad Harzburg, Wolfenbüttel and Helmstedt. In addition, it also provides the regional transport for the cities of Braunschweig and Wolfsburg and the municipalities of Goslar, Helmstedt and Wolfenbüttel. The line network has a total length of 1,335 km and includes 1,107 bus stops. The number of total passenger journeys in 2011 was around 12.9 million.