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Emile Weber starts a new project in 2019 named “Empowering Mobility”

Our GPN Member in Luxembourg, Voyages Emile Weber, invests more and more to electrify the fleet of buses. Started this program in 2009 with the introduction of the first dual-articulated hybrid bus in Luxembourg. This program has been named “empoweringMobility”. In 2015, the UREVO project (for “Urban Revolution”) with its 3 double articulated buses with plug-in hybrid drive was celebrated as an absolute world premiere. With WEBTAXI, the first e-taxis in Luxembourg started their service in 2015, and in 2017 we received the first all-electric call bus in Luxembourg. In Feb we received 7 VDL CITEA Electic and they are used on Luxembourg’s first fully electrified bus line which 13km long and has 23 busstops. We have continued with ordering 10 buses Irizar ie and in December our first Lion’s City Electric will come.
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