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GPN Strategic Partner, Bridgestone, hosted the 26th Global Passenger Network Bi-Annual General Meeting

This time, our GPN Strategic Partner, Bridgestone, hosted the 26th Global Passenger Network Bi-Annual General Meeting. The Meeting took place in Rome from 19th to 22nd March at our Strategic Partner, Bridgestone’s Education Center EUEC based on the site of the proving ground EUPG in Aprilia. Our valued partner prepared workshops with different educational and fun activities. The participants were divided into 5 small groups and they rotated in the different workshops. The participants could learn about the latest developments and trends in the tyre industry as well as the latest product development in coach tyres.

In terms of partnership, GPN welcomed a new Strategic Partner in its family, Green Energy, a Norwegian world leading company in technology for controlling solar energy on vehicles. The company’s products are focused on solar cell technology and especially on CIGS technology and has unique properties that perform well under conditions such as low light intensity, shadows and high temperatures.

And last but not less important, we had also the honor to welcome a new GPN Member within GPN family, France. We are proud to announce that ReunirFit will represent France within our network. GPN enjoy at the present of 36 members countries and is evaluating potential member companies in South America that will probably join in our next Autumn Meeting.

Within the next months, the Board of Directors led by its Chairman, Luis Pedrero (Cartour’s CEO), will start the preparation of its next General Meeting that will take place in Brussels in October 2019 at our Strategic Partner’s facilities, Vanhool and Busworld.