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Our GPN Strategic Partner VDL, presents its new VDL MidBasic Electric

During the 66th IAA Nutzfahrzeuge, which will be held from 22 to 29 September in Hanover,
Germany, VDL Bus & Coach will present the MidBasic Electric. This is a fully electric bus
from the mini and midi range, specifically designed to transport small numbers of
passengers in sparsely populated areas.
The VDL MidBasic Electric, which will premiere at the IAA, is a community bus with 8+1
seats. The exceptionally innovative, fully electric powertrain was developed in cooperation
with Austrian company Kreisel. Depending on the selected powertrain and battery package,
the VDL MidBasic Electric has a range of 200 to 300 km.
VDL MidBasic Electric
The base vehicle for the VDL MidBasic Electric is a 3.5 tonne Mercedes Sprinter. VDL Bus &
Coach replaces the diesel powertrain with a fully electric powertrain based on high-quality
components from various European suppliers. The electric motors have power ratings of 120 to
150 kW. The fully electric powertrain was developed in cooperation with Kreisel. At 4.6 kg/kWh, the
patented Kreisel batteries are extraordinarily lightweight, and with capacities of 72 kWh or
optionally 92 kWh, a 200 to 300 km radius of action is possible. The batteries are liquid cooled and
are located under the vehicle. As a result, there is no loss of space and the centre of gravity
remains low.
Thanks to smart thermal management, the 200 to 300 km radius of action is also attainable at
extreme temperatures. Furthermore, this smart thermal management offers possibilities for
preheating and/or cooling of the interior. Rapid charging is possible with the standard, built-in 22
kW charger. A type 2 Combo charging plug, the European standard for charging passenger cars,
ensures that the VDL MidBasic Electric can make use of the infrastructure that has been
established for passenger cars and continues to be expanded. Accordingly, there is virtually no
need to invest in a private charging infrastructure.
An innovative kinetic energy recovery system (KERS – Kinectic Energy Recovery System, 3
modes) eliminates the need for a retarder, considerably reducing the need for brake system
Test drives during IAA 2016
The development of the VDL MidBasic Electric is yet another important step in the expansion of
VDL Bus & Coach’s zero emission electric bus range. The VDL MidBasic Electric meets the need
for small-scale passenger transport so this segment can also benefit from clean, quiet, efficient
During the IAA 2016, VDL Bus & Coach will present the MidBasic Electric, configured as a
community bus with 8+1 seats, both at the stand (hall 11, stand number C37) and in the outdoor
area where visitors can take test drives.