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Grupo Irizar’s new research and development centre

Our strategic, long term commitment to technology and innovation is another significant foundation for the future of Grupo Irizar. A significant leap forwards was made last year when Creatio, our new applied research and development centre, was opened.

The technology centre was launched in October by Irizar and subsidiary companies Jema, which focuses on power electronics, and Datik, specialising in ITS (Intelligent Transport Solutions) for transport management and active vehicle safety.

It is the result of the industrial diversification policy we began in 2009 with the joint aims of strengthening our activity and minimising risk by entering sectors with high development potential such as energy, electronics and communication.

Creatio unites the synergies and technological capacity of these companies and, in addition to working on more traditional projects such as systems integration and parts, it will firmly support the Group in its new comprehensive electrical Irizar brand coach developments.
Research is currently focussed on:

• Propulsion
• Electromobility
• Systems, energy generation and storage, vehicle loading systems
• ITS systems (Intelligent Transport Systems)

Together with the companies mentioned above, Irizar’s firm commitment to innovation will also see significant participation from Spanish companies that specialise in climatic control for the transport sector (Hispacold), and door mechanisms and lifts for people with reduced mobility (Masats).

Creatio will be based at Irizar’s headquarters, in the new expanded installations that will shortly be completed.
This year, the centre needs at least twelve members of highly qualified staff, and this number will increase in following years. For this reason a Trainee Programme to attract and train young engineers has been set up.