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Hansarent to increase and update its rental car pool!

For Hansarent, the year 2012 has started with innovations. Today, we own approximately 100 rental cars and by the end of March, half of the car pool will consist of 2012 models.

New models of Toyota Yaris arrived at Hansarent only yesterday. Small yet sturdy city cars. The Toyota Yaris range includes vehicles with both automatic and manual transmissions and reversing cameras have been fitted to these cars as extra. You’re welcome to give them a try!

Apart updating its car pool, Hansarent has also diversified its service range. Perhaps you are going to need a replacement car tomorrow, want to rent a car for only a couple of hours or need to supply your sales teams with three vehicles the next week. Hansarent has all the solutions you need!

Learn more about our services from our website or contact us.

If you need a present for the Woman’s Day or want to make your business partner a pleasant surprise, Hansarent gift certificate will do the trick. Come and ask Hansarent