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IDRIVE:Artificial Intelligence & Fleet Camera Systems

Analyzing hundreds of millions of motorcoach miles and driving data iDrive can predict and prevent accidents, warn drivers, assess risk and capture video events with extreme accuracy. iDrive X-Series camera systems are now based on Articificial Intelligence and part of a vast deep learning network created at our company. Our fleet camera systems are constantly improving and getting more intelligent, making transportation safer and saving companies money.

Deep learning neural networks at iDrive don’t stop at Computer Vision and Facial/Object Recognition. Our reporting system utilizes big data with statistical modeling, behavior modeling and pattern recognition to create predictive analytical models. These models are run against driver and fleet operating data to create highly accurate operating and safety reports. This is also part of our advanced driver scoring system.

In camera Facial Recognition identifies motorcoach drivers and automatically logs driving data and event videos with driver profile. This can save time and allow multiple drivers to use the same vehicle and camera system without mixing up driver data. This is especially useful because it is rare that a coach will only have one driver. For passenger privacy idrive software can track and blur faces.

Computer vision can recognize road threats and alert drivers of possible collision or unsafe driving. Since this is done in camera and nearly instantaneously, cameras can alert drivers when there is a correctable offence. This helps drivers improve their driving record and allows them to adjust before an event happens. Driver warning can improve accident rates and cut fuel and maintenance cost by improving driving habits. Many drivers prefer to be warned before an event is recorded so they can correct it. It is better to have a driver fix a mistake immediately rather than continuing making it.

Identifying distracted driving with Artificial Intelligence. Analyzing driver facial signals, hand gestures, body language and objects, camera systems can identify what the driver is doing. Most commonly used to monitor cell phone use, texting, eating, distractions and coming soon, drowsy driving.

The X-Series cameras can identify events and label them with correlated safety ratings. Cameras distinguish not only the types of events but the significance of each event and its severity. Having the camera recognize and categorizes event severity will help fleet and safety managers deal with drivers. It also helps people be more impartial when taking disciplinary action for unsafe driving because an infraction will be rated the same regardless of who is driving.

iDrive state-of-the-art camera systems with Artificial Intelligence improve fleet monitoring. With 10 years of creating leading technology for the motorcoach industry iDrive will help your company be safer and more profitable.