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Irizar Mexico: A project in continuous expansion since the 2008 crisis

IRIZAR MEXICO continues surpassing production records, and in 2013, it will reach the historic number of 900 units. Thanks to a strategy based on closer customer relationships, backed by the Irizar Group’s main values, which are Reliability, Profitability, Comfort, Safety and Service, Irizar Mexico has been able to penetrate the Mexican market to the degree that most carriers in Mexico have Irizar units, which are considered to be the most profitable and advanced on the market.

For the people at Irizar Mexico, service is a fundamental value to be offered to customers, along with a high degree of personalisation. These aspects are widely valued and recognised by leading Mexican carriers, making it possible to maintain most of the initial customers throughout these years, while expanding them with new ones to reach the 60% market share Irizar currently holds.

After the successful launch of the Irizar i6 model in 2012, Irizar has completed the range with the new generation of coaches it began with the Irizar PB in 2007 and followed with the Irizar i5 in 2005.

Recognised by the nation’s leading operators

After the trust placed by the Estrella Blanca and IAMSA groups in the past and based on the Mexican market’s consolidation and the work of many years, recognition has arrived in 2013 in the form of the first order from the ADO Group.

The order consists of 200 i6 units with different configurations. The ADO Group is one of the most important business groups in the country. It is present in 15 of the Mexican Republic’s states, it is the leader of the transportation sector in the central-south-southeast region of Mexico, it transfers an average of 120 million passengers each year, and it is one of the main partners of the airports in southeast Mexico. It recently acquired the Avanza Group in Spain.

In recent years, IRIZAR has performed a number of tests for ADO that have helped confirm the quality, profitability, comfort and reliability of the i6 and PB products as well as of the service offered, and all of this has resulted in the trust the company places in us.

Of the 200 units, 119 units are for OCC and will have a length of 13 metres and 44 seats, a rear WC, audio and video, while 81 units are for AU and will have a length of 13 metres and 49 seats.

With this order, IRIZAR reaffirms itself as the undisputed leader of
the Mexican market.