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Luxembourg: Where is the Spring?

Luxembourg is waiting for the Spring to come

Where is the Spring?

Soon its May and still cool mornings and rainy afternoon. We had four weeks ago temperatures up to 24 and people were running around in shorts, T-shirt and beach shoes. Maybe that was the summer and we have now autumn. Time to think about Christmas presents :)!!

Forgetting the temperatures, we see that the high season is coming.

Emile Weber had a big movement this week due to the ANZAC days out in Flanders, the Floriade tours have started, the preparations for the Olympics are at high pressure as well as for the Europiade – a happing for walkers where we expect 5000 people to come.

Emile Weber is happy to make the arrangement for Les Freres, a Japanese duo playing piano in a spectacular way – – visiting Paris, Amsterdam and Luxembourg on their concert tour of Europe.

Mid May Emile Weber is also doing a Road Show in China together with Ministry of Tourism to promote Luxembourg.

For those that don’t know Luxembourg – Here is a promotion film over Luxembourg –

Finally – Here is a pioneer in the area of environmental protection. Maybe something for our coaches.