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Marti event

Marti’s big annual event , “Reisefestival”, again a sucess in its sixteenth edition

A couple of weeks ago, from 1st March to 3rd March, our GPN Swiss coach member, Marti, exhibited at its corporate trade show in Kallnach.
Approximately 3000 clients visited Marti’s headquarters.
Each department made the official presentation of their new brochures in a nice atmosphere, where clients enjoyed of live music and a nice buffet.

Marti uses its fleet for the transportation of their clients, offering them the transportation home-Kallnach-home for free.

On 1st March, there was a big snow storm and it was snowing so much, that it takes some extra time to remove the snow to make possible Martis’ customers return home.

The “Reisefestival” is very important for Marti, on the one hand a big number of bookings are done during the trade show and on the other hand, Marti has a pesonal contact with its clients, making them feel special.

It was “Reisefestival”‘s sixteenth edition. All GPN Friends are more than welcome to the next edition in 2019, which is held each year on the first weekend of March.

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