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Morn in May


Summer knocked on Reykjavik´s door on May 2 at 12:30. The previous day, Labour Day, it snowed. As soon as summer arrived and the temperature rose to 11°C, the saturnine inhabitants of the capital shed their moody attire and smiled at the sun. Young and old, girls and boys were all of a sudden skipping ropes and playing outside the houses without being clad as they were going to the North Pole. Some say it will be a good summer – others are not so optimistic. The Icelanders love all kinds of rhymed, four line stanzas and some people know an infinite number of such rhymes for every occasion. Those who can ad lib deliver rhymes are considered clever and wise, the ones you can read backwards are the most famous – giving an opposite meaning to the words. A clergyman that lived in the North of Iceland at the beginning of the twentieth century wrote rhymes in Icelandic and English as he had studied in Scotland and lived in Canada for years. One of his best known rhymes is about an unknown girl – maybe his immortal beloved. The clergyman however remained a bachelor all his life. She is fine as morn in May. Mild, divine and clever. Like a shining summer day. She is mine forever. Agnar is busy as ever having all his busses prepared for our summer guests – we have added 8 brand new busses to our fleet – 3 VDL Bova coaches and 5 MD Sprinters. Hopefully there will be a lot going on in Iceland to tempt people to come and see us and travel with us – even though we cannot promise an exciting volcaninc outburst like last year. We send all our friends at GPN our best wishes for a wonderful summer, may your business „bloom and grow forever“!