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TT Transcom, our coach member company in Latvia, has established its own Travel Agency “Transcom Travel”

TT Transcom, Global Passenger Network member in Latvia, from the beginning of the this year has established its own Travel Agency ” Transcom Travel” and they have become Tour Operators.

TT Transcom has made its own successful tours since its establishment for very reasonable price with high feedbacks 8 from 10 to Slovakia (mountain skiing) two times, Hungary (SPA) one time and different one day trips in Baltic countries Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

They are looking now intensively for the person who will join its Travel company to help them progressing in that direction.

Within a month its new Travel web page will be finished and fingers crossed this page must be one of the best in Baltic countries with ability to make online purchase and have a direct chat with company managers.

In the meantime if you would like to ask for an offer to hire a bus in Latvia, you can contact them direclty through in the website of Global Passenger Network