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The two 100% electric i2e buses of our GPN Strategic Partners, Irizar, achieve sucessful operating results in London

Thanks to the excellent operating results of the two 100% electric buses that have been operating in London since June 2015, an agreement that includes service and maintenance has been signed with London’s largest operator, Go-Ahead.

For over a year, these two buses have been operating on the busy routes 507, connecting Waterloo Station with Victoria Station, and 521, which connect Waterloo Station with London Bridge Station. The operating data has successfully fulfilled the objectives requested.

Another aspect worth highlighting is the service offered both locally and by the Irizar employees who have carried out the monitoring of these vehicles, aspects that have led Go-Ahead to decide to incorporate both vehicles into its fleet.

With this change, both buses will begin to operate for longer periods on the 108 route which runs from Stratford International Station to Lewisham Station with different operating conditions. In addition, Irizar will offer comprehensive maintenance of the buses.

The first of these two units was delivered to TFL (Transport for London) as part of the “Clean Bus Summit” which took place on the 29th of June 2015 at London City Hall. The second was delivered in July 2015.

Richard Harrington, Engineering Director for Go-Ahead London, says “Along with our partners, we have successfully proved e-bus technology is no longer a thing of the future. It is here, now and reliably serving London’s travelling public. We are proud to have led in this field and look forward to working with Transport for London and the wider industry to ensure a host of benefits for this, and future, generations. The Irizar electric buses we have operated since July 2015 have been well received by drivers and passengers alike.”

Hector Olabegogeaskoetxea, Director of Irizar e-mobility, considers this to be a very positive change as it involves gaining the trust of an operator of this nature and taking a step further in offering a complete package that includes comprehensive service and maintenance, once again demonstrating Irizar’s ability to meet and adapt to all the conditions and needs of different markets and operators

The two 12-metre long buses meet the demanding specifications requested and their main features include a continuous low floor and two double doors with an electric ramp located in the central door. The electric motor has 180kW of power and stores 282kWh of energy with which it is estimated that it will have an operating range of between 160km and 180km under London traffic conditions. The buses also incorporate a heating-cooling unit for the driver area and complete anti-vandalism locks.

They have a spacious interior layout with 26 seats + 1 PMR seat and a total capacity of 60 people. The vehicles also incorporate all the on-board fleet management systems and telemetry which are standard in London buses.

About Go-Ahead London
Go-Ahead London is the largest bus company in the capital, with a 24.1 per cent market share. They employ approximately 7,300 staff from 17 locations, mainly in South and South West London. The vehicle fleet is just over 2,400 buses, including London’s first fully electric vehicles.
The Go-Ahead choice is framed within the firm steps these operators are taking in their commitment to sustainable future urban public transport in the UK. These are the first two 100% electric buses with European technology they have incorporated into their fleet.