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UK – Proud Members of Global Passenger Network

The United Kingdom consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland rank highly among the popular tourist destinations of the world. Cities like London, Liverpool and Edinburgh are all well known for their own particular reasons and attract large numbers of tourists and other visitors from all parts of the globe.

Ulsterbus Tours Member of CoachMarque

Ulsterbus Tours Member of CoachMarque

Consequently the UK has an extensive transport industry where the motor coach plays an important integral role. With an excellent road network, virtually all points are within a day’s reach by motor coach. An excellent accommodation network of hotels, guest houses and “bed and breakfast” type lodging is also available throughout to suit all budgets.

Over eleven years ago, an organization called “CoachMarque” was formed to bring together the best UK motor coach operators and to promote the quality side of the industry. Since its formation, CoachMarque has went from strength to strength now boasting a membership of 38 motor coach hire and motor coach travel companies. The large aggregate fleet of motor coaches operated by CoachMarque members can be identified by the green and blue logo somewhere on or near the main passenger door. It also appears on all marketing literature. Since becoming involved in the Global Passenger Network, you will also see the GPN logo nearby on all vehicles.

When you see the CoachMarque logo when searching the internet for a motor coach travel / tour operator or motor coach hire company, you can be assured that you have found the best such companies available. CoachMarque operate a strict set of criteria for joining and after having joined all companies must undergo and pass a two yearly independent audit. These criteria include a young modern coach fleet operated to the highest standards of comfort and safety; pleasant/courteous uniformed drivers and staff, formal commitment to training, commitment to environmental considerations; financial security and many other more specific and detailed requirements too numerous to list here.

Being well established in the UK, CoachMarque were proud to become involved in the Global Passenger Network to bring all that the UK has to offer as a travel destination to the next level on a worldwide scale. The Global Passenger Network brings together similar organizations from various countries around the world. Actively expanding, most European, Scandinavian and European eastern bloc countries are already represented along with USA, Canada, Iceland, Israel, India and Russia and many more countries are at the application stage.

Whether you are a lone tourist wishing to travel at a leisurely pace or a group travel organizer for a large corporation, look out for the Global Passenger Network (GPN) logo when planning your motor coach travel needs and you can be assured of excellent service levels whatever you plan or wherever you go.


Adrian Thompson
Operations Co-ordinator
Ulsterbus Tours
Northern Ireland
+44 2890 337004

also Vice Chairman of CoachMarque