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GPN Proves its Mettle 

GPN, the Network of the Best Bus Companies in the World, Proves its Mettle 

For the last 3 years, since its inception in July of 2006, Global Passenger Network, the organization that brings together the best bus companies in the world, has been constantly improving its international products and services.  The recent events caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland has given GPN its first real chance to prove itself as a globally-acting network.

In the two hours after the crisis began, GPN was able to coordinate from a central point coach activities in all areas of Europe and other regions, such as Asia.  Within hours, GPN received hundreds of requests for help from all corners of the world.  A small and efficient team of GPN specialists, experienced in logistics and all aspects of bus travel, coordinated help for stranded clients through its national member companies, utilizing a wide variety of vehicles, from minivans to minibuses to Gran Turismo coaches.  The practice of transfer optimization, or the filling of empty legs, long a GPN specialty, was especially helpful in this situation.

Through this experience, GPN has been able to successfully implement policies put in place by the Board of Directors in the last 2 years, including: a 24-hour response time, guaranteed high quality and standards and strict adherence to the EU regulations regarding driving times and security.  Our member companies have demonstrated that they can serve the needs of various clients, including large international clients, within just a few hours, even in an emergency situation.  As the travel industry gets back on its feet after these difficult days, GPN will further develop its position as the network offering the best bus service in the world.

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