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All Quiet on the Northern Front

The world media has for the last weeks been reporting on volcanic eruptions in Iceland and the consequences it has had on air traffic around Europe. Among the accounts there are several written by people that seemingly have little or no idea what´s going on. Pictures of people shovelling ash from roof tops with their faces covered by masks have been published all round, making it look like it is part of everyday life in Iceland. This is far from the truth. Everyday life in Iceland is as normal as can be, considering the circumstances. The airplanes are flying again and the airports are open. Spring is tiptoeing nearby and migrating birds like the arctic tern and the golden plover have already come over for their summer habitat. Daffodils are blooming in parks and gardens and multicoloured crocuses flourish, a little late for all standards, but admired and loved by onlookers. The blue colour of the mountains surrounding the capital is slowly taking over the white crust of winter´s snow. The volcano is however still spouting ash and fumes, but not to the extent that it did before. Experts say that it could stop tomorrow, after a month or in a year.

As of May 1, 2010 Kynnisferðir/Reykjavik Excursions will be operated separately – the bus and coach part of the company will from now on be known as Kynnisferðir and the travel agency part will be run under the Reykjavik Excursions logo. The management of the company will be the same as before the separation.

In Iceland we look forward to spring and summer, hoping the aftermaths of the eruption will be minimal. We also look forward to GPN´s meeting in Reykjavík in the early fall and we´ll do our best to make the stay a memorable one.

Business as Usual as Spring Comes to Iceland

Business as Usual as Spring Comes to Iceland