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Champions madrid

Cartour will transport more than 3500 people during the two major events in Madrid in May 2019

On the next month of May and June, our Spanish GPN member Cartour, will transport more than 3500 people to two major events in Madrid. 
The First is an international football tournament, attended by young people from all over the world. The tournament will last 1 week and the winner will win the great privilege of watching the final of champions league live…

The second big event will be the Champions league final., Between Liverpool and Tottenham, where Cartour will transport fans from both teams , UEFA Sponsors, doing services as arrival and departure transfer, transfers to the match and also tours in Madrid and surroundings . 

Thanks to our wide experience in this type of events we are trained and we are able to provide services for the more of 3500 people that we will be transporting during these days.