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Delivery of first Euro 6 VDL Citeas in Finland

In December 2013 the first Euro 6 Citeas were delivered to Pohjolan Liikenne, a Finnish public transport company. The vehicles, 29 in all, have been used for city transport in Helsinki since 1 January 2014. Good news for Helsinki and its inhabitants. Because not only do these Citeas produce much lower emissions of harmful substances thanks to the new Euro 6 engines, the buses’ low kerb weight also makes for significantly lower fuel consumption.

29 VDL Citeas

The delivery consists of a mix of the Citea LLE-120, 12 metres in length, the Citea SLE, 12.9 metres in length, and the Citea XLE, a 3-axle model with a length of 14.5 metres. The three Citea models purchased by Pohjolan Liikenne make optimal use of the module system from which the Citea range is built. This high degree of modularity not only results in a tailored solution for each
deployment area but also benefits the operator in many ways, in connection with repairs, maintenance and stocked parts for example.

Pohjolan Liikenne

Pohjolan Liikenne is one of the largest Finnish bus companies, operating local, regional and longdistance services with a fleet of 470 buses and coaches mostly in Southern Finland. The company’s annual turnover is 77 million euro and it has a personnel of 950 professionals. The buses and coaches run nearly 30 million kilometres yearly and serve about 30 million passengers.
Pohjolan Liikenne is a subsidiary of VR, the Finnish national railway company.

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Picture1_Delivery of first Euro 6 VDL Citeas in Finland Picture_Delivery of first Euro 6 VDL Citeas in Finland