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ETOA ( GPN’s partner) will participate in the next High Level Group meeting for coach tourism in Europe

ETOA has been invited to participate in the next High Level Group meeting in Brussels on the 27th September, which is to look at coach tourism in Europe. The event is organised by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and brings together European institutions such as the Commission and Parliament with the industry. The Smart Move campaign has been promoting the economic and environmental benefits of coach tourism and is looking to policy makers to recognise its importance and ensure that legislation does not hinder the sector. ETOA succeeded in having the 12 day rule reinstated but there are still plenty of hurdles, not least of all in the form of punitive coach access charges. ETOA will be one of a number of associations taking part and will offer examples of good and bad practice from across Europe. To share your views on what works and what doesn’t in the coach tourism sector please e-mail Nick Greenfield at