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Experience autumn in Croatia with Olivari

Even tough the summer has moved on, it’s still high season in Croatia.

After a long and hot summer, our Global Passenger Network partner in Croatia – Olivari continues it’s season by introducing you to a bit of entertainment and enabling you to experience the beauty of nature in Croatia.

Croatia is the country where mediterranean is as it once was, and untouched nature is surrounding you. October and November are the perfect time to get acquainted with the olive oil production.

Olivari will take you on a unique excursion where you will visit the olive plantation and experience olive gathering. Of course, everyone has to try it and become part of the olive oil production.

After visiting the olive plantation, you will visit the olive mill and find out what happens to the olives after they get harvested and see how olive oil is produced.

Hard work and olive oil aroma will make you hungry, so you end this unique excursion by enjoying excellent olive oil and aromatic croatian cuisine.

Dancing is part of the experience and there is also a special surprise for the best harvesters.

Croatia is waiting for You