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Hansabuss’ visit at MT Buss in Norway for a ” share knowlege journey”

Hansabuss, GPN Member in Estonia has visited last week our Norwegian member, MT Buss for some knowledge sharing smile emoticon:) ….. MT Buss has a booking and invoice system which includes a Web solution for our drivers where they are online with the in house systems.
They have full control over their upcoming and driven orders. They can also continuesly check their working hours and what their payment will be. This system also allow them to have full control over the drivers workhours and they are able pay down to the correct minute.
in house it takes to MT Buss less than 10 minutes to create a payment roll for all drivers at the end of the month.
They also have full control over the drivers order as they must confirm on WEB when they receive a new order, confirm when they start the tour and confirm when they end their tour as this confirmation creates their salaries. It is also possible for the drivers through this system to send messengers and info directly to the office and booking system. Late arrivals, extra driving hours and kilometers and so on, which makes it easy for us too charge the customer correctly based and data collected.
This booking system is also their complete invoice system. You can not miss out on any tours and it can be intergraded with most accounting systems.
The Norwegian company, Bit-Senter who have created this system, is now looking into a English version with local language on all documents concerning the customer, in case any GPN member, like for instance, Hansabuss wants this system.
This is an affordable complete system for small and midsized companies.

Last Thursday, MT Buss also held a demonstration for Hansabuss of their complete fleetmanagement system, from a Norwegian company called ABAX who have intergrated a complete system made by Nokia.
The system includes live map with all buses locations, drivers behaver reports, breakings and accelerations, fuel consumption report, ECO-driving reports, vehicles reports, maintenance reports, drivers rapport, and most importantly automatic download of data from all tachographs.
There are no more needs to do this manually.

The sharing of knowledge and best-practices is another benefit of being GPN member.