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Hansabuss/GPN Estonia Provides Full Transportation for the Informal Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Tallinn

Hansabuss Used Their Huge Fleet of Vehicles to Accommodate the Meeting Participants

Hansabuss Hired 165 New Drivers for This Service!

                                                                                                The Informal Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers, which took place in Tallinn, Estonia on April 22 and 23, was serviced by Hansabuss, GPN’s partner in Estonia.  Hansabuss was the sole transportation provider for this event. 

Planning for the event began in October of 2009, and the main team consisted of Hansabuss, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Estonian Police.  Hansabuss had to hire 165 new drivers, who drove 162 different vehicles.  They logged an impressive 8.000 working hours.

Hansabuss is proud to have provided transportation for such an important world-class event.  The staff learned a lot from this experience, and is ready to take on even bigger challenges in the future!