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Irizar, the leading brand in the United Kingdom

With 27.3% of the market share thanks to its Integral range of complete buses and its conventional buses on a Scania chassis, Irizar has become the leading brand in the United Kingdom. Through July 2013, 130 units have been registered, which doubles the number of coaches as well as the market share compared to the same period last year.

There has undoubtedly been tremendous progress that is primarily the result of the trust placed in Irizar by the nation’s operators, who prioritise safety, service, reliability, comfort and profitability when making their purchase decisions. The extensive list of existing customers now includes orders that have been received this year from top operators such as Clarkes of London, Translink, Swans, Redwings, City Circle, JBT, Harry Shaw, Terravision, Lucketts, Stewarts, West Coast, Allans and Guideline (the official transportation provider for the English national football team), among others.

This success is the result of Irizar’s clear commitment to adapting to the demands and characteristics of the English market. The innovations and developments carried out exclusively for this market are worth mentioning. These include: the Irizar i6 with a handicapped platform for the front door, a single rear axle 12,9m with 57 seats plus toilet, a lower floor 12.45 metre version with 53 seats plus a toilet, the Irizar i4 for school transport with a capacity for 70 children and 3+2 seats, a new 10.8 metre Irizar i6, and important weight improvements in order to offer a maximum number of seats with minimum diesel consumption.

It is worth highlighting that all Irizar coaches are already available with new Euro 6 engines either on Scania Chassis or Integral powered by DAF.

The introduction of Irizar’s Integral range of coaches and commuters, offered through its IRIZAR UK dealer, has increase its market share. Since the first prototypes were introduced in 2009, the integral units are currently driving through Central, Northern and Eastern European countries, with excellent results in terms of customer satisfaction with the product as well as with the service. In addition during the last 20 years, Irizar has consolidated its relationship with Scania Great Britain in the United Kingdom, capable of offering customers a product that is attractive from all perspectives.