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Irizar UK surpasses its objectives

The company has just announced the sale of its 50th unit, and the Irizar UK team, which exclusively works on commercialising Irizar’s complete buses, is thoroughly pleased because the objectives proposed in 2011, the year it was launched, have been surpassed. The keys lie in the reliability of the coaches and the 24/7 service.

Irizar UK’s After-Sales Centre offers comprehensive 24/7 service and has an extensive stock of spare parts as well as a single portal for their location and purchase. Mr. Terry Newman, the CEO of Clarkes, states, “Now that the Irizar i6 is available as a complete bus and with a DAF power train, we are pleased to offer the maximum number of seats, in accordance with passenger demands. Aside from being elegant, the Irizar i6 is also a very stable, silent, comfortable and reliable vehicle.

“We always make buying decisions based on the profitability of the company. We meticulously monitor market trends and clients’ needs before making our decision as well as cost effectiveness. It is not a process that is taken lightly and the feedback from clients has been extremely positive”.

“Prior to making the order, we visited the factory in Northern Spain and witnessed first-hand the developments they have made in providing their customers with quality products, which will ultimately shape the future for the UK’s coach industry,” said Debbie. “Irizar has developed into a modern, quality-driven manufacturer, particularly with regard to UK customers. The attitude of everyone we have met is ‘What can we do for you?’ which is so refreshing.”

As the Chief Director of Stewards has admitted, since he already has eight units, the Irizar i6 conveys emotions. “We are a transportation group that is focused on the future” he states. “Our brand is our top priority, and this means having aesthetically pleasing vehicles that are capable of ‘attracting’ passengers and making drivers feel even more special about working for us.” “I can honestly say that the decision to buy the first unit was based only on appearance,” he admits, after discovering it at a fair in 2011, but now that he has purchased directly from Irizar, he concludes, “We buy from people, and the individuals I met in the United Kingdom and in Spain were first rate.” He adds, “What impressed me the most was that, although Irizar’s production is done on a very large scale, the product continues to be highly configurable and the company is very flexible.”