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Our Strategic Partner, TOM TOM TELEMATICS would like to share with you a Case study of a coach company in France that thanks to the TomTom WEBFLEET solution has able be awarded with the “Energy Saving Certificate” given by the French Ministry of the Environment and receives a subsidy of € 8,000.

The « Régie des Transports de l’Ain » is a passenger transport company. They are a public company and have been growing continuously since 2005. Thanks to this growth they were in a position to be considered for a QUALITY – SAFETY – ENVIRONMENT certification that they obtained in 2009.
They now have 200 vehicles equipped with the TomTom WEBFLEET solution; these carry out 3 types of activities: school bus service, urban public transport services and intercity transport.
With the TomTom WEBFLEET solution they have been able to qualify for the “Certificat d’Economie d’Energie“ (Energy Saving Certificate) that is awarded by the French Ministry of the Environment. They have also received a subsidy of € 8,000.
It is important to understand that for a passenger transport company, fuel expenses represent one of the highest costs of business; so to control this cost was a key challenge for their business.
For vehicles not equipped with a digital tachograph, they chose to install the TomTom PRO 2020 terminal, which allows the driver to identify himself via a badge. In addition to this identification, the drivers get all of the real time information than is provided by WEBFLEET: idling times, real-time fuel consumption and driving events.
The real-time driving event information on the TomTom PRO 2020, helps their drivers to improve their driving style immediately.
They were also able to analyse individual driving style behaviors, which highlighted the fact that some drivers were consuming more fuel than others. From this information they were able to set up appropriate training and follow-up actions specific to each driver.
Improving driving style really helped us to save fuel, but they also reduced fuel consumption by minimizing the time that engines were idling, before and after each journey or pick-up. This was made possible due to the fact that they now have information available about where fuel is being wasted; they can communicate this to their drivers so they can make small changes to their behaviour that reduces their fuel consumption; for example turning off their engine when they are at a standstill.
At the beginning of 2017, they saw the trend of a strong decrease in fuel consumption in their buses. 2016 showed an average reduction of 2L / 100 km on coaches and buses.
It’s not just about saving fuel, they have seen other benefits with the TomTom WEBFLEET solution: for example they are now have a detailed record of all their journeys. This gives them the ability to check the level of service that they are providing against their targets. On the occasions that they have customer complaints, they are now able to provide quick and detailed answers to their customers.
The TomTom WEBFLEET solution is now part of the company’s business tools. That means, for each and every vehicle they purchase, the TomTom equipment will be installed on-board directly by the manufacturer.
This tool is key for our company and is now completely integrated with their operations, making WEBFLEET now more than essential.