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Our GPN Strategic Partner, TomTom Telematics enhances its transport fleet management solution to keep more trucks on the road

TachoShare offers remote downloading of driver and vehicle data and can be integrated with 3rd party tachograph data analysis providers

Hannover, 19 September 2018 – TomTom Telematics today announced it has enhanced its WEBFLEET solution for the transport sector. At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hannover, it officially launched TachoShare, a remote download and archiving module that downloads tachograph data from vehicles and enables users to share data directly with their analysis software.
The solution is designed to help more transport companies avoid some of the issues commonly faced when managing tachograph data. With traditional, manual downloads, trucks need to be in a specific location where downloading equipment is available, which can impact time on the road. TachoShare removes this requirement, helping to maintain productivity and avoid administrative hassle while giving the user the tools they need to stay compliant with regulation.
TachoShare can be integrated with the tachograph data analysis software of the user’s choice, which means it can be added to the existing IT environment with greater simplicity and less disruption.

‘As long-time innovators in the connected truck space,’ said Taco Van der Leij, VP Marketing at TomTom Telematics, ‘we aim to make the vehicle a part of the company environment. By doing this, we can help reduce the time needed for administrative tasks, empower fleet managers to make smarter, faster decisions and keep productivity levels high.
‘TachoShare continues this work. It offers the user a more efficient way to stay compliant with regulation and quicker access to crucial driver and vehicle data.’

TomTom Telematics also adds the new LINK 710 fleet management device to its portfolio of telematics devices at IAA. The LINK 710 gives WEBFLEET access to more vehicle specific information, while still connecting with other measurement hardware and I/O interfaces in the truck. This enables smooth, broad integration with a wide range of functionalities and applications that can enhance workforce management. The LINK 710 will be commercially available as of Q4 2018.
‘With the addition of TachoShare and the LINK 710, we continue to build the ultimate Connected Truck,’ said Van der Leij. ‘Customers get access to driver, truck and process data, while the truck stays on the road. Through our APIs this data is integrated with their IT systems and software, and allows for the best management of their processes.
‘We know the challenges facing transport companies operating in the EU. We want to make dealing with them easier.’