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Visit Island of Bornholm thanks to Vikingbus

Vikingbus operating more than 300 coaches in Denmark are now able to offer tourist visiting Copenhagen a combined bus and canal tour ticket in the city´s extensive and famous canals with lots of historic sights to watch. As being a part of the Swedish Stromma concern we now operate 16 of our own Canal tour boats.

Vikingbus also introduces a one day trip via Sweden to the sunshine Island of Bornholm.

The Bornholm landscape is frequently cited as the island’s greatest attraction. It covers the entire Scandinavian spectrum in just a few square kilometers. Geologically, Bornholm is a treasure. We will send more than 50 coaches to Bornholm in the coming season for this destination.
Hop on the bus in the early morning and be back at the Tivoli Gardens in the evening – for just Euros 100 per person.
Vikingbus are the only coach company offering this unique possibility to our tourist and at such a slashing cheap rate.