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Our GPN Strategic partner,TomTom Telematics, presents the OptiDrive 360 solution in Smart Energy Congress

Albert Serrat, responsible for major corporate accounts for TomTom Telematics, has presented the OptiDrive 360 solution within the framework of the fourth edition of the Smart Energy Congress, which was held at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid. In his speech, Serrat pointed out that the new solution allows to continuously optimize the performance of the vehicle fleet.

“The key element of the smart and efficient driving is what is happening in real time, which is the most difficult of control by the company”, underlined Serrat, which stated that the crux of the matter is “the during, not so much the before or the after”. In his opinion, “OptiDrive 360 get balance, enabling you to move from a situation that we do not control to other than indee, we control”.

As explained Serrat, the results obtained by the company after a series of investigations show that OptiDrive 360 can reduce fuel consumption by up to 35% and improve the environmental footprint of transport operators. Therefore the tool is specially developed for “help entrepreneurs in its challenge to reduce costs”, adds the head of TomTom Telematics.

OptiDrive 360, incorporating predictive tips of driving in real time for drivers, provides the information needed to start a breeding programme that includes training courses, assistance during driving, comparison between different drivers and evaluation once completed the journey, with statistics showing both improved data and achieved savings.