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2 VDL Futuras FHD2 in Flixbus version for Cartour S.A.

On 19 June 2018 VDL Bus & Coach delivered 2 Futuras FHD2-129/440 to Cartour S.A. in
Spain. Cartour is going to operate these Futuras on behalf of Flixbus, which will be put in
service on international routes between Spain and the south of France. For VDL Bus &
Coach this is the first delivery of Futuras with Flixbus configuration for Spain.
‘We appreciate the trust that Cartour has in VDL Bus & Coach and our product,’ says Anno
Dirksen, managing director of VDL Bus & Coach España S.L. ‘Like VDL, Cartour is a family-owned
company that understands the importance of strong and long-term relationships. We are proud that
Cartour has chosen the VDL Futura as the coach to serve their long distances routes.’
Luis Pedrero, Managing Director of Cartour S.A.: ‘As a member of the international Global
Passenger Network (GPN), I have been able to engage in conversation with VDL Bus & Coach
and some of its regular buyers. Through these dialogues, Cartour received first-hand information
about the quality and reliability of the VDL Futura range and could build a strong relationship with
VDL Bus & Coach. This led to the very logical decision to cooperate with VDL and I am very
satisfied with our 2 Flixbus coaches.’