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Since the 7th of January 2013 77 VDL Citea XLEs (Low Entry) have been put into scheduled service by Arriva in Sweden. The vehicles are running in the timetable of Swedish capital, Stockholm. This order, which was signed in the spring of 2012, is the largest Swedish order in the history of VDL Bus & Coach. In addition Arriva in Sweden has started operating with 85 articulated buses, which have been refurbished by VDL Bus & Coach. Since August 2012 44 of these refurbished vehicles have been operating in service with the remaining 41 buses entering service on the 7th of January 2013.

“Arriva is very pleased with the new Citeas and with the excellent cooperation during the complete project to get the buses into operation”, commented by Kjell Strandljung, technical director of Arriva in Sweden.

“We have had an excellent cooperation with Arriva during the production and handover process. The order of the 77 Citeas has given us a good base for forming a strong aftersales organization in Stockholm to support our customers. We are really looking forward to continue developing this partnership with Arriva”, says Anders Lundström, managing director of VDL Bus Sweden. Rémi Henkemans, managing director VDL Bus & Coach: “The introduction of the Citeas into the Swedish market is a very important step to strengthening the VDL brand in the Scandinavian countries. Arriva is one of the most important customers for VDL and the deal in Sweden really
shows the strength of partnership between our companies.”

Citea XLE

A low-floor design, a high degree of modularity and a great manoeuvrability make the Citea Low Entry suitable for both city and regional transport. The various lengths available and the versatility due to the options of the single leaf and double leaf doors enables this vehicle to meet the wishes of any operator. The low-floor design between the entrance and first exit door makes the Citea Low Entry a means of transport offering the best possible accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby carriages.
The order for Arriva consists of 21 Citea XLEs-137 with a length of 13.7 metres executed with 46 seats and room for 61 standees and 56 Citea XLEs-145 with a length of 14.5 metres executed with 49 seats and room for 65 standees. These are constructed as class 2 buses.