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The winner for the privatization of TAP Portugal is “ Group Barraqueiro”, our Portuguese GPN Member

The winner for the privatization of TAP Portugal, the State-owned Portuguese airline company, was decided today in a Portuguese Government Ministers Cabinet meeting.
Only two proposals made it through to the final stages of the privatization process, which had started in the final months of 2014.
We are very proud to inform that the winning “Gateway” consortium joins the Brazilian airline “Azul”, the North American airline “JetBlue” to “ Group Barraqueiro”.

2015 will therefore always be remembered in our company as a very special year. Celebrating its first century of existence, Group Barraqueiro now earns new wings for even higher flights.
The 11th of June 2015 marks the entrance of our group in yet another sector of the transport industry, already spanning from road, railway to tram and light rail transit systems.

Continuing to grow, while providing our clients with the best transport service, whether on the roads or in the skies, will certainly remain being our group’s main objective for the next century.
This is a happy hour for us and, thus, we chose to share it with our partners at the Global Passenger Network.

Our GPN member in Portugal, Frota Azul” is an organization strategically developed by the group Barraqueiro in 1981 for the international tourist coach transport market. Always oriented by the highest quality, comfort and safety standards, “Frota Azul” is, at present, the preferred company for the major tour operators working in Europe and North Africa and provide excellent coach hire in Portugal

Congratulations Frota Azul !! GPN is very proud of its Portuguese GPN Member !!